Elonso Pravus

Elonso Pravus
Social Rank 4
Fealty Velenosa
"Velenosa" is not in the list of possible values (Redrain, Valardin, Grayson, Thrax, Pravus, Lyceum, Crown) for this property.
House Pravus
Gender Male
Age 22
Religion Mirrormask
Vocation Noble
Height 5'9"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Liquid Brown
Skintone Brown
Parents Piero Pravus
Siblings Belladonna Pravus
Uncles/Aunts Niccolo Velenosa, Tommaso Pravus, Leticia Pravus, Carlotta Pravus
Cousins Esera Velenosa, Gersard Pravus, Isolde Velenosa, Viviana Pravus, Sebastian Pravus, Lianne Pravus, Juliana Pravus
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Slight of frame and narrow of hip, there's something bendy as a willow wand about Elonso's graceful carriage and long, elegant hands. Long, wavy hair falls in a black cascade to just above his shoulders, framing the angles and planes of his cheeks and partly obscuring the shells of his ears. His lush lips are mobile and expressive, full and soft, beneath a neat black mustache and above a landscaped black goatee. His eyes are liquid brown, their hue somewhere between whiskey and chocolate, and by far his best weapon. His looks suggest an ingenuous youth, an openness and a sharing warmth that gleams in those liquid brown eyes.


Elonso is very easy to talk to. It's his personal warmth. He's genuinely interested in people, in what they have to say, in their visions and dreams for the future. He has a knack for insinuating himself in many different kinds of company, and it's probably his sincerity that is his best trait. Many Lycenes banter with wit and words, and he can do that, but he doesn't have a vested interest in proving himself cleverer than anybody; for one thing, he privately already knows that he is, but for another, proving your superiority is no way to make friends. He loses games of oneupsmanship happily. He loses most games happily and with equanimity, from chess to poker, watching the reactions of his opponents and buying them friendly drinks afterwards. As a flirt, he is elusive and mysterious but intimate, with a heart-melting wink that he'll share at a moment's glance when nobody but you is looking. As a friend, he is ready with an ear and a glass of fine wine to listen to any problem and he'll laugh at any joke. As an enemy, he ... why, who could possibly have Elonso Pravus for an enemy? He's just so likeable.


As a clever, quiet child, Elonso learned the value of patience young. A confidante is not really something that exists within the watchful walls of House Pravus, but a co-schemer and willing tool? That is what Elonso became for Belladonna at a very young age. While their father's compassion and weakness slowly eroded the legacy of House Pravus in Setarco, Belladonna was not content to sit idly by and watch her birthright sink into the sea, and neither was Elonso, as her shadow. He had innocent eyes and good ears, and he was small and slight, clever enough to fit into small places, and his coloring was inobtrusive enough to make him not above playacting and pretending to be less than the son of a duke.

Elonso learned the dangers of kindheartedness. He learned the dangers of a loose tongue. He learned the hazards of ambition overweening caution. He learned all this watching the mistakes of his father's vassals as his sister schemed, arranged, and reforged power that might have been lost.

As a young adult, with his sister serene in her new post, Elonso thrived under the mantle of her authority, spreading his artistic talents, focusing on his religious pursuits as a mirrormask, and learning to apply himself for the power of House Pravus in subtle, interesting ways. It might be that in another life he would have been an actor (or a bartender). But in this one, Elonso was born to be a politician.