Drake Wyrmguard

Drake Wyrmguard
Social Rank 5
Fealty Valardin
House Wyrmguard
Gender Male
Age 25
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Knight
Height tall
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Sunkissed
Parents Damian Wyrmguard
Siblings Richard Wyrmguard, Kiera Wyrmguard
Uncles/Aunts Clement Wyrmguard, Jur Laurent
Cousins Naka Laurent, Domonico Magnotta, Martino Malvici, Dora Malvici, Jourdain Wyrmguard, Desma Magnotta, Iliana Leary
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Lean and athletic, the young man standing here is a prime example of youthful exuberance. His waist is narrow and shoulders broad in that V shaped torso that comes from regular exercise, the slimness of youth and the define musculature to match. A curly mop of finger length brown hair sits on top of his head with natural cowlick and waves that keep it out of a boyishly cute face. Eyes the same shade as his hair are bright and light up even more when he gives an easy, straight toothed smile.


Friendly and amicable, he has always been one of the more easy going Wyrmguards. Of course, that's a result of his older brother taking the brunt of responsibility, and so he was left free to wander the world and have his own pursuits. He is loyal to his family almost to a fault doing what he can to support them when needed, but sometimes he gets distracted when an aesthetically pleasing person comes along. Still, like his older brother, once you've earned him as a true friend, then he is one for life.


The youngest brother of Richard Wyrmguard, Drake has always been the mischevious sort. It was only his admiration for his father and his uncle Marquis Denis Wyrmguard, that his natural inclination towards mischief and trouble was tempered. Still, he got along well, and has always been a bit of a charmer, and the stories of knights and how people responded to such stalwart protectors of the land is what drove him through his training. He was always close to his family, as loyal as any Wyrmguard can be, but there was an untapped wanderlust that drove him to explore the city of Arx and other lands much sooner than his big brother. It was there that he learned and trained to be a champion as well, often leaving a trail of broken hearts along the way. On one such encounter, he met Prince Luca, and was trained in showmanship. He was fond of the older man and eventually joined the Champions guild as a result, befitting his talents.

After the reclamation of Highhill, Drake found himself with new responsibilities as, first, the Sword of the newly renamed Wyvernheart house. One responsibility lead to another, and the once-carefree younger brother found himself newly driven to take on a leadership role both in and out of battle. He's been newly appointed Count and steward of the land. Though he doesn't have much head for numbers or details his personality drives him to inspire others, and he has his family to keep him grounded about the important things.