Aurus Wyrmguard

Aurus Wyrmguard
Social Rank 5
Fealty Valardin
House Wyrmguard
Gender Male
Age 27
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Cavalier
Height 6'4"
Hair Color White Gold
Eye Color Ultramarine
Skintone Alabaster
Parents Stuart Wyrmguard
Siblings Caras Wyrmguard
Uncles/Aunts Denis Wyrmguard, Daniel Wyrmguard, Danton Wyrmguard
Cousins Isabeau Telmar, Desiree Wyrmguard, Dominique Wyrmguard, Damon Wyrmguard, Beaumont Valardin, Sophie Valardin, Bianca Wyrmguard
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A tall and austere man, he may well have been broken from a block of august marble. Well defined cheek bones, a square cut jaw, and aquiline nose lend to the strict, classically distinguished look that tends towards the severe. Vibrant blue eyes, the color of rich ultramarine, his eyes are flecked with silver and fill a sharp, attentive gaze. His fair complexion is smooth alabaster, with almost absolute lack of pockmarks or scars. The most distinguishing feature, however, is his shocking golden ash-blond hair, cropped close and styled carefully in a kempt sweep above his forehead. The muscles of his well-toned upper body are starkly delineated, as are the honed cords of muscles in his legs, suggesting an extremely well-honed physique.


Aurus often is compared with his cousins in the mainline. With a strength to match the elder sister, and a dazzling wit and charm to match that of the younger, Aurus is a fine counterpoint between their personalities. Confident, almost assuredly excessively so, his personality is nonetheless radiant, and he seems to almost vibrate with an inner light and purpose. He's infectiously mischievous, though might be said to lack some of the focus of his elder cousin's, but with more temperance than his younger. His passion for achievement is as fierce as dragonflame - and he aims for the stars.


Aurus was ever happy to do what was expected of him. He was, truth be told, everything that Stuart Wyrmguard could want in a son: skilled with a blade, purposeful in his quest to excel, stately, and a bright shining star of the family after Caras's fall. He had never spared a second thought to being a younger son, confident in his own abilities and goals. He was also much unlike his cousin Damon, who tended to want to stick his nose into books and histories, rather than into the thick of things and make it himself, and in this, too, he strove to take up the mantle of everything his uncle had wanted.

And though he and Damon were unlike in many ways, he still felt a great affinity towards him. Strangely, in the wake of the tragedy of Sanctum and secondarily Damon's untimely death, Aurus seemed to be one of the least affected. Some think that's because his smile is too bright to falter, or, as some have disapprovingly thought, that the young knight is just not as serious as he should be.

With the turn of threats to the Compact to the east, the young crusader has come to Arx proper to support his sisters and cousins, and join the ranks of the beleaguered defenders of the Crown.