Alexandre Wyrmguard

Alexandre Wyrmguard
Social Rank 5
Fealty Valardin
House Wyrmguard
Gender Male
Age 27
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Knight
Height 6'2"
Hair Color Platinum
Eye Color Black
Skintone Fair
Parents Damien Wyrmguard
Siblings Clover Farshaw, Reiker Wyrmguard, Sorrel Thrax
Uncles/Aunts Frances Wyrmguard
Cousins Esra Wyrmguard
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Tall and handsome, Alexandre is both a typical specimen of Wyrmguard, and yet differs on key aspects. Slim rather than large, his is a more elegant strength than brute force. Light on his feet with easy poise, he seems to have been made for the armors and outfits of Blancbier style, further reinforcing the graceful and athletic allure of the man. Fair of skin, his hair is fairer yet, a pale platinum akin to the white gold of his youngest sister, kept to shoulder length and contrasted by the darkness of his eyes. Indeed, at first glance, they are black, and only through the right perspective are the iris and pupil seperated, the former a very dark shade of blue akin to the midnight sky, rather than the full purity of absent light. Still, while the effect might be disquietening, they exhibit little malice. There is warmth in his gaze, a kindness that rarely fades, retreating only when the focus of battle is upon him, and mercy been hardened into unyielding shield.


Very much a Wyrmguard, Alexandre exhibits many of the virtues of Oathlands chivalry. Perhaps the strongest among them is the belief that every man, woman and child are worthy of kindness, generosity and dignity, no matter their station in life. It is displayed in his interactions with noble and commonfolk, as Lord and Knight of Solace, protecting travelers and Mercies upon the roads of the Compact. He has a special liking for the latter, sharing many of their ideals despite his more martial path. He takes the duty of protecting them and other practitioners of the healing arts very seriously, and few things anger him more than those who would do them harm. It is there a limit to his mercy and compassion might be found. All must make their choices, and while the occasional bad choice must be forgiven, especially if moved by good intentions, those who willingly choose a path of destruction and hate against their fellows must be stopped. It is fair to say Alexandre is an idealist, if a quiet one. He's not the type to seek the attention of others upon himself, and will usually seek to downplay or redirect admiration towards his person to another, uncomfortable when the subject of praise. Humble, selfless, the Knight of Mercy is a dreamer, one untouched by the horrors of the wars and battles he's waged. The light of hope burns bright within him, and shows no signs of dimming.


Born between his siblings Reiker and Sorrel, Alexandre proved to be difficult to predict as to what kind of a man he would become. Displaying admirable intellect from a young age, medicine proved to be an early passion for the young Wyrmguard. It would not be altogether uncommon to find him in the company of Mercies, with questions aplenty about something he'd read, or about their current work. Such curiosity in the youth was encouraged, and might have led him down the path of becoming a Mercy himself, had it not been for a fateful day.

Fateful, for on that day the young Alexandre witnessed an injustice. He was still young, and had not yet learned the harsher truths of the world, when he beheld such. An older boy, more man than child in physique, the reverse in spirit, bullying a younger and far smaller girl. Alexandre didn't ask what it was about, and certainly didn't ignore it. Instead, he threw himself at the boy, intent on fighting the boy off. Predictably, it didn't go well. Alexandre had yet to receive any martial training, and the boy had the advantage of size, strength and experience. Still, Alexandre never yielded once throughout his trashing, getting back up every time he was slammed down. It might have continued, and might have caused permanent harm, had someone not saved him.

Dame Anna Redwood, Godsworn Knight of Solace, quickly broke up the fight, and once Alexandre had said who he was, escorted him back to his family. On the way there, she faced the usual deluge of questions the child usually kept for Mercies, about who she was, what she did, and interrogations about the Knights of Solace that his education had not yet covered. Her answers found a receptive mind, and by the time they reached his parents, he had asked her to teach him, and made the same request to his parents when they arrived, a tad worried to see their son in such a state. Dame Anna could not stay, of course, but she made a promise. She would return when she could and, if Alexandre's parents allowed it and he was still interested, would teach the young Lord and, when he was older, would take him on as a squire.

Children being what they are, perhaps those involved expected Alexandre to discard this momentary distraction with time and return upon what truly interested him. Yet the opposite occured. He was still interested in medicine, devoted much of his time to it still in fact, but it was now equalled to more martial pursuits. Even as his understanding of the healing arts grew, so did his understanding of riding, the sword, and matters of war and leadership. His education was completed by Dame Anna's visits, when, as promised, she would further not only his understanding, but the virtues of the Pantheon, nurturing the compassion and kindness she saw in him, as well as the protective nature that had made her notice him.

Time passed, and eventually, the time came for the second part of Dame Anna's promise to be fulfilled. Alexandre left his family and Blancbier at the age of fourteen, to serve as the Dame's squire. From her, he learned not only the duties and demands of knighthood, but also the dangers that awaited the those traveling upon the Compact's roads and paths, dangers the Knights of Solace were sworn to guard against. It was a harsher life than the one he had lived thus far, yet Alexandre only seemed to thrive, the fire within him brightening. It was during that period of time that he would visit the Cedar Vale most often, whenever Dame Anna would visit her Redwood family. These were pleasant times, and even to this day, Alexandre cherishes their memory. Yet all good things must come to an end.

Eventually, Alexandre became a man, and it was time for the Lord, no longer a squire but not yet a knight either, to return home. There, he spent the next few years serving his family and Blancbier, his concern for the people seeing him involved in not only charity, but tangible efforts to improve their lot as well. Indeed, he'd often be seen joining the city patrols on their rounds within the fortress city and beyond. He also joined the Knights of Solace at the time as a disciple, though he did not see Dame Anna Redwood again, not till the Silent War begun.

At once, Alexandre volunteered to join the Compact's efforts against Brand, and actively participated within the war, one among countless others fighting back against the evil that had spilled forth from the North, and threatened the Compact itself. Refugees came in drove, often sick and wounded, requiring Mercies and the Knights of Solace to care for them. It was during one such event that Alexandre and others, including Dame Anna, were tasked with sheparding such refugees to a local haven, where Mercies awaited with supplies. Unfortunately, the enemy was aware, and sent a force far outmatching the Knights of Solace and the local garrison to destroy the haven and take its supplies. Shav forces struck at dawn, and though the defenders rallied to face the attackers, they were outmatched. One after the other, Alexandre saw his brothers and sisters in arms fall, the burden to protect weighting heavier on the survivors with every death. For they knew those within would find no mercy. The enemy had come to kill, the only thing they would take with them were the supplies.

Evening came, and of the local forces, few remained. The Knights had been reduced to two, Dame Anna and Alexandre. Hope was bleak, even as the enemy pulled back, giving defenders some respite. Not for long. The next clash saw Dame Anne Redwood die, slain by an archer with too much luck or skill. The last of the defenders were forced to push back into the local shrine of Lagoma, the only stone building large enough to contain the refugees and the Mercies that still stood. Alexandre felt despair then, for the first time in his life. He knew he would die. Knew there was no hope, no way out. Thoughts of flight crossed his mind, desperate plans to escape. And as the dread threatened to overwhelm him... He saw them. Families clinging to each other, parents comforting their children though they knew what awaited. And the Mercies, still taking care of their charges, even now holding true to their oaths.

Moved by the light of Gild and the warmth of Laghoma, by the selfless sacrifice of those dead and those that yet lived, Alexandre strode forth, and met the enemy's full might in battle. He spoke to his fellow defenders with such conviction, that when he told them to hold the line, they did. Against the Abandonned intent on the destruction of those they were charged to protect, they held the line. Against the horrors of Silence, they held the line. One after the other, they fell. But they did so holding the line.

Yet it was enough. When reinforcements came to the rescue, they found Alexandre wounded and battered, his sword broken, more dead than alive. But still holding the line.

Alexandre collapsed soon after being told the area was safe, and for a time, it was uncertain whether he'd live or not. Yet he recovered, sent back to Blancbier after the war's end. It was there he was knighted for his actions, though he did not remain for long. New threats arose, banners raised to face the Gyre, a Holy War proclaimed against those that would bring an end to not only the Compact, but the Faith itself. He joined others from the Oathlands to defend Stormwall, surviving the costly victory as far too few did.

Now, he has come to Arx. With a light and fire brighter rather than dimmed, he comes to serve House Wyrmguard, the Faith and the whole of the Compact. Not as the sword to pierce the black hearts of demons, but as a shield. To protect all beneath the Compact's aegis, and hold the line.