Akamos Cyrto'ani

Akamos Cyrto'ani
Social Rank 8
Fealty Velenosa
"Velenosa" is not in the list of possible values (Redrain, Valardin, Grayson, Thrax, Pravus, Lyceum, Crown) for this property.
House Cyrto'ani
Gender Male
Age 22
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Soldier
Height tall
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Deep Brown
Skintone Tanned
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Maybe a touch above six feet in height and broad shouldered, this man cuts an imposing figure, his long dark hair falling past his shoulders, either loose and wavy or secured in a long braid down his back. His tanned and weathered skin indicates a lifetime exposed to the sun, sea and wind. He holds himself with confidence and perhaps just a touch of bluster and smiles come easy to him.


Akamos is boisterous, gregarious and with a strong streak of personal honour and the need to do right by people. He relishes the opportunity to either demonstrate anything that he may be good at or tell tales of his exploits, but may be guilty of embellishing some of his stories and feats more than a little bit as he seeks approval and recognition from others. That is why he is sometimes overly keen to impress people or help them out in exchange for thanks and he seeks official titles so that everyone knows just how accomplished he is. For as confident as the brash Cyrto'ani may seem, he is in fact deeply insecure as to how he is perceived.


Most of the Abandoned that can be found in the islands of the Cyrto Arch to the far South West of the Lyceum Sea are part of a clan known as a Pol, lead by a Polmarkh. They vary in nature with some living in scattered towns and villages with others preferring to live behind the protection given by the walls of their fortified towns.

Akamos was born and raised amongst the Pol of the Mountain, on Cyrto Major, the largest isle in the Cyrto Archipelago. Rare amongst the Pols of the Cyrto Arch, that of the Mountain had a strong shamanistic tradition, one that Akamos never truly felt satisfied him. As a child he enjoyed the life that he had, helping his father with the fishing and enjoying the praise from his parents when he performed his chores to their satisfaction.

When he was twelve his life was changed drastically when his parents were both killed in a raid orchestrated by another Cyrto Arch faction, the Pol of the Reef, a particularly aggressive and warlike Pol.

He was then taken in as a ward of Arkhos Arminius, the second to Polmarkh Kassandra and war leader of the Pol of the Mountain. His day to life changed completely as he was more or less in service to Arkhos at that point, the veteran war leader training the boy hard in the ways of combat. However hard he may try in his training and tasks, Akamos never got any praise from Arkhos and it was only the occasional positive words from his cousin Kia that gave him any sense of self worth.

Then the Malvici lead expedition came to Cyrto Major in friendship to the Pol of the Mountain. They defeated the rival Pol of the Great Bay and established House Magnotta, Akamos got to see other types of warriors and fighting and vowed to emulate and impress them and over the following years he became a rising name amongst his people and the settlers from the mainland.

A short while ago however he was responsible for defending a group of travellers out of Caer Morien from a savage attack by the Pol of the Reef. Akamos was at the forefront of the battle and was cited as being responsible for routing the attackers. Word of his feat spread until it reached the ear of the new Count Domonico Magnotta, who then summoned him to offer this warrior the position of Sword of Caer Morien.