Achard de Ange

Achard de Ange
Social Rank 7
Fealty Valardin
House De Ange
Gender Male
Age 33
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Knight
Height 5'8"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Skintone Tanned
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He is not a tall man at all, but he is built solidly and with the thick musculature of a healthy, robust life spent in hard work and training. Unruly blonde hair frames a clean-cut face not yet heavily marred, and sky-blue eyes hold the world in a grounded gaze. The classic angles of his face balance a strong nose with a clear brow and a strong, stubbled jaw. The man moves with the easy grace of a seasoned warrior, his posture one of instinctual balance and readiness.


A quiet, reserved man of subtle humor and sharp eyes, he seems slow to anger despite being always ready to act. Neither haughty nor humble, there is the confidence of the competent evident in his steps and stances, the hint that he has met threats and beaten them. It is not a braggart's posturing and boisterous noises, but only a quiet stare declaring his lack of fear and his determined path. There is kindness in his eyes at times, though, and a straightforward honesty that might evidence his commitment to the ideal of chivalry.


He is a poor country boy taken in by a poor country knight, Sir Reggie de Ange of Sanctum, after the boy's family was killed by forest bandits. Growing strong and healthy, a quick study, he eventually was accepted as a squire to Sir Reggie. He grew into his 20's as a man-at-arms under the knight, patrolling the forest roads north of Artshell. One day, against bandits, Sir Reggie was unhorsed and the younger man fought over his knight's stunned body, finally killing three bandits while wearing only leather armor and wielding a club. Reggie advocated for the boy and Achard was knighted. Present day, the young man is 33 and has been a knight for maybe eight years, gradually gaining a reputation as a skilled and strategically clever warrior.