Acantha Clearlake

Acantha Clearlake
Social Rank 5
Fealty Redrain
House Clearlake
Gender Female
Age 30
Religion Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation Prodigal Noble
Height average height
Hair Color Chocolate Brown
Eye Color Smokey Grey
Skintone Fair
Cousins Athaur Rivenshari, Eshra Rivenshari, Mattheu Rivenshari, Lavinia Rivenshari
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This stunning brunette stands at 5'4" without her shoes on. Her rich chocolate brown hair is full of life as it wends down past one smokey eye and down along her high cheekbone as it crashes down in waves to a spot just below her waist. Even without the makeup, her brilliant grey eyes would shine like gems. above her strong nose, lush lips, and firm chin.


Acanthas personality can change just as easily as the weather does. Shes slow to anger, easy to make smile and very rarely is a venomous person. If she starts throwing things then its time to run away. Shes curious of new things. Wanting to learn more as she gets older, but she doesnt try to push herself into others business. She grew up in a heavily Shamanistic family, but since joining the Compact and bending the knee to Halfshav, shes been learning more about the Pantheon and things of that nature. Shes a quirky sort of woman all things considered with her past and how she was raised.


The classical stories of an ugly duckling growing up to be something beautiful, the same stories could be told of Acantha Clearlake. When she was a child she was chubby, dirty and poor. Growing up with two older brothers did not make this any easier. Especially when she wasn't their real sister. Acantha was abandoned on an very cold night and her adopted mother found her and brought her in. She loves her older brothers though, she even took after them a bit. On the fighting side of things of course. She was taught to use a sword. She was also taught to get herself out of confrontations. As well as her brothers when they can't talk themselves out of things. It became clear to her 'parents' that she had a brain between those ears of hers that was best put to use.

Acantha Clearlake is one of the younger members of the Clearlake retinue that has come to Arx and bent the knee to House Halfshav. Though she shares the name it's clear when first meeting her that she's taken the task of fitting into the Compact a bit more seriously than some. Another thing that is clear is that she's wanting to make a better name for the Clearlake House since they haven't been the most warm welcomed. She's well spoken and charming, but she's also been known to show her more savage side when it needs to come out.