Abbas Thrax

Abbas Thrax
Social Rank 9
Fealty Crownsworn
"Crownsworn" is not in the list of possible values (Redrain, Valardin, Grayson, Thrax, Pravus, Lyceum, Crown) for this property.
House Thrax
Gender Male
Age 24
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Soldier
Height 6'
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Skintone Light Dusky
Parents Marjory Thrax, Asad Masah'Malek
Siblings Sebastian Pravus, Juliana Pravus, Fatima Thrax
Uncles/Aunts Merida Thrax, Elton Thrax, Lynette Thrax, Gideon Thrax, Draco Thrax, Casivan Thrax
Cousins Jaenelle Velenosa, Dagon Tyde, Donella Redrain, Leona Thrax, Valerius Thrax, Denica Thrax, Wyatt Thrax, Jasher Thrax, Remi Thrax, Castiel Thrax, Galen Thrax
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Two fierce pitch eyes engage the world from under a devil's brow. Abbas is born of two worlds. His royal father hails from the sand dunes of Eurus and his mother is a Thraxian princess; their union has left him bronze and manifested the wild build of a Maelstrom barbarian. His hair is long and unkempt and clumps in wild dreadlocks in an untamed manner. The beard of the man is thick and full. Dark circles have been stained permanently around his eyes from war-dye application from over a dozen years of violence and reaving in the Salt. Where his flesh is visible he is smothered in dark ink and scars anoint his features like a badge of honor. He is still young but streaks of grey permeate head against the backdrop of darkness.


The Thraxian Warlord has come from the bottom to rise to lead the greatest fleet Arvum has ever known. He is determined and dedicated in all that he does. Often he carries himself in grimdark determination and is an unshakable force. Sometimes he is brooding and lost in the weight of blood that has spilled under his leadership. And rarely amongst select individuals he smiles and fosters some warmth.


Abbas's mother, Princess Marjory Thrax, was no proper Thraxian woman in the eyes of Donrai Thrax. With far too much interest in sailing, Princess Marjory defied her father by accompanying a daring expedition to sail east to the rarely contacted continent of Eurus on a perilous voyage. Worse in the eyes of his grandfather, not only did Marjory have the temerity to succeed, but she returned with a husband, married without permission of her family, to the exiled Prince Asad of Petrioch, a royal fleeing a lost war of one of the distant Dune Kingdoms of Eurus. Prince Donrai Thrax had little choice but to recognize the marriage of the royals as Marjory was already with child, but it proved short lived- Prince Asad was found complicit in the plotting of the Tyde Rebellion and was executed by House Thrax, and Princess Marjory Thrax was all but exiled, married off to a Lord of House Pravus and unwelcome to the family.

This provided the Thraxian child with a difficult life ahead where his mother and father were considered traitors to Thrax. Abbas Thrax dreamed of a life of reaving to prove himself true to Thrax and at a young age the man took to battles and studies. His focus was complete and nothing else even remotely entertained him as a child that was not anointed in violence and his grandfather (Donrai Thrax) encouraged and aided in molding the man into a callous butcher. Abbas barely related to other young children nor did he possess friends. His was a singular desire to rise and lead the Thraxian fleet into glory and to earn a proper Thraxian heroes death.

Individual fights quickly bored the mind of Abbas. And he began to listen and put himself in a position to learn of fighting at a higher level. There was not enough glory in hand-to-hand slaughter; tactics and strategy became his religion. Abbas lied about becoming a man in order to fill his urge to oar and sail upon the endless Salt. This led to his early years as a reaver being rough and he danced with death being overpowered, outmatched, yet he rapidly became addicted to the spilling of life and the riches of taking from the sea what you wanted.

The young man was ruthless and fate saw him survive his first few overmatched raids; where the physically weaker Abyss was forced to kill against the odds. Abbas was hardened to the "Salt Life" early to the life of taking captives and using them as thralls. He possessed a strange affinity for understanding currents and sailing in an uncanny way. The Thraxian quickly distinguished himself and became a very young (perhaps one of the youngest) captain as a teenager.

Abbas began to build a reputation early on. He would systematically target islands and begin to kill the elderly and snuff out the wisdom to make future raids easier. As the younger generations aged absent the wisdom of their more wise leaders he began to wear down the defenses. His brutality earned him a fierce reputation and soon after a couple of years many village and settlements would simply pay tribute to avoid the Thraxian wrath.

Abbas fame and renown began to grow and the Thraxian was afforded more authority and allowed to operate autonomously. When Abbas was called to Arx two years ago he arrived with little experience but that of reaving and killing. It was a rough adjustment for the Prince but soon circumstances found him rising quickly in the ranks of the military.

Abbas found himself upon the death of Donrai in a position to support the new Thraxian High Lord; Victus. Victus anointed Abbas as Warlord and gave him control of the Thraxian military. Abbas at the age of twenty-four is likely the youngest Warlord in living memory to lead the Thraxian war machine.

Abbas ruthlessly secured Victus' power and was brutal in his tactics once more. Those who spoke against the new High Lord or loyal to Donrai were flayed alive. The military was used to brutally stop any insurrection and Abbas earned the title of the Bastard's Butcher.

A campaign against the abandoned tribes on the periphery of the Gyre that threatens Thrax and the compact has thrust Abbas into heavy controversy. Abbas purposefully spread disease and plague amongst the abandoned populace to quickly end the fighting to those who did not bend the knee. The body count was unheard of as he systematically depopulated the islands of abandoned and quickly put an end to a prolonged war. This met with outcry and the hatred of many in Arvum, as the genocidal tactics were seen by the vast majority of the Compact as dishonorable and an offense to the goddess Gloria.

During the siege of Arx Abbas was able to return the fleet to join the war due to his questionable strategy. He led the fleet from shore to rush through; relieving the Seawatch Gate and filling a hole blown in the wall of Arx where the Bringers sought to put an end to the Compact. With the help of the Redrain the Warlord was able to hold the wall at a great cost of life, winning that part of the battle. Though he distinguished himself well, he remains an extremely controversial figure- respected in the Isles, admired by many who hate shavs with geonocidal fury, but viewed as murderous and dangerous by most.