Zoriah Deepwood

Zoriah Deepwood
Social Rank 5
Fealty Grayson
House Deepwood
Gender Female
Age 23
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height 6'3"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Iron Blue
Skintone Dark Ebony
Parents Tasha Deepwood
Uncles/Aunts Amina Deepwood
Cousins Emily Deepwood, Jessa Deepwood, Joxur Deepwood
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Tall, but slender and lightfooted. Dark, slightly rough skin with ivory warpaint. Long flexible limbs with muscular tone and firm and hardy frame. Walks with a quiet slightly offbeat gait, almost appearing to not move until a sudden step forward or back etc... Very short hair hidden under a hood accompanied by lightweight but sturdy armor. A slightly Reptillian and Arachnid theme is present in her attire both in and out of armor.


Scary, bitter, sexy, cutting, Zoriah is an enigma that few even know is there and others thoroughly misunderstand. Zoriah has a sour, venomous disposition with enemies and a sour, venomous, and sweet disposition with friends. Mischievous in a rather dangerous way, often pulling "pranks" that are just a tad too far over the line.


A noble of the Deepwood family Zoriah has a reputation as a young brat, that can back up her threats in an instant. Prone to bitterness and spitting venomous words has made her many rivals and as many friends as well as a few that simply enjoy her hijinks. To gain Zoriah's attention is a double edged sword that often is as much a blessing as a curse.