Zakhar Shav

Zakhar Shav
Social Rank 8
Fealty Crownsworn
House Shav
Gender Male
Age 65
Religion Shamanism
Vocation Mercenary
Height 6'4"
Hair Color White
Eye Color Silver Blue
Skintone Sun Kissed
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Zakhar might be old, though he doesn't act like it. Currently standing at six feet and four inches tall, with piercing silver blue eyes and white hair. His skin is sun touched from many years of being in battles, with a scar that sits on the bridge of his nose from above his right eye to below the left.

{w({na series of bruises of varying degrees of colors that can be best described as an artist spilled all the paints, run down the old man's back and into his thighs{w){n


Zakhar is lucky, and knows it. The most noticable scar on him is the one that sits across the middle of his nose. The axe that put it there should have killed him, but it didn't. He acts twenty years younger than he is given the day. From the wrinkles and hardened lines of many years of being a solider, and out living most others in the same career, one might assume that he is hardened to the core of his being as well. They'd be wrong, though he doesn't make it easy for outsiders to see this.

He is chivalrous and still amused by what the world can teach him.


He was always destined to be become a solider or a mercenary. He learned at a very young age of six that he had a knack for being lucky and started putting himself into situations where anyone else would be seriously injured and he would walk away from it with maybe a scratch.

When he was seventeen he earned the scar that sits on his face. A tavern fight broke out and he put himself inbetween his friends and the danger barreling towards their table in the form of a drunk weilding an axe, swinging wildly. He took the axe to his head to disarm the drunk, then headbutted the drunk with the axe still lodged in his face. The mercies said it was a miracle that he lived, though he knew better.

Zakhar became a mercenary shortly thereafter as the stories of how he saved the patrons of the tavern grew.

He's been with the Crimson Blades since its inception. He's seen more team mates die than retire. A veteran of the battle of The Ridge. He was in Bleak Tower on the front lines when the invasion force landed. If it's happened, he's seen it. His experience and leadership are part of what makes this the toughest group of mercenaries in Arvum.