Willow Nightgold

Willow Nightgold
Social Rank 4
Fealty Redrain
House Nightgold
Gender Female
Age 25
Religion Shamanism And Pantheon
Vocation Painter
Height 5'0"
Hair Color Blue-black
Eye Color Duskstone
Skintone Pale Cream
Parents Finlay Nightgold
Uncles/Aunts Lorton Nightgold, Osmond Nightgold, Rognan Nightgold, Helena Nightgold, Niadre Acheron, Moirin Nightgold, Brogan Nightgold, Neddim Nightgold, Alaricia Nightgold
Cousins Nadia Nightgold, Cassius Pravus, Lydia Nightgold, Harlan Ashford, Olivia Ashford, Aislin Ashford, Signe Nightgold, Eleyna Velenosa, Sigurd Nightgold, Mydas Velenosa, Iraia Nightgold, Adalmus Nightgold, Rhea Acheron, Riagnon Acheron, Lonzio Nightgold, Odile Nightgold, Llyr Nightgold, Ronan Acheron, Elyid Acheron
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This sylphlike young woman has a delicate small frame, at just five feet tall and with skin as pale as rich cream. Her hair is such a deep black that it shines blue when the light hits it, spilling in silken curls nearly to her backside. Velvety black lashes fringe immense eyes with limbal rings nearly sapphire dark, her irises themselves are a melange of vivid blues ranging from turquoise to cerulean and hosting a number of golden flecks not unlike lapis lazuli, the color as rich and warm as distant flickering torches in the dark. Her frame is willowy, and already tiny creases at the corners of rosy full lips are apparent, a subtle wearing of furrows to frame a mouth prone to smiles. Her defined cheek bones and narrow chin leave a heart shaped face, a small upturned nose at the center of it. Her fingers and limbs are long and lean and she looks like she might well blow over in a strong wind.


Whimsical. This is perhaps the single most fitting word to describe this young woman, though eccentric and extroverted would also be rather accurate. She tends to drift through her own little world, talking to plants and animals passively. Between this, a pacifist nature, and an obsession with art, she spent most of her life avoiding the spotlight as the smallest and youngest of four children. It takes much to truly earn her trust but once you have it, she would walk through fire with a smile for you if asked. At her core is steel, but it is buried beneath so many layers of dreamy passivity that few if any people have ever seen it.


Born around harvest time, Willow is the youngest child in her immediate family, and the only girl among them. Between three extremely protective older brothers and her tendency to distance herself from others, she has never had a great deal of friends. Or, not human friends at the least. She got tattooed with a bloody crescent moon around her coming of age, the ink well hid beneath her clothes and serving more than anything as a symbol of dedication to the spirits and her ancestors. She was taughr by an older aunt to walk a Shaman's path, though she tends to trade in paintings.