Vassal of Fidante

Words: "All can be broken."

Sigil: A sprinting horse in a royal purple silhouette upon a gray ground with a white background.

There are many tales of the Volkovs; some say they came from the north, where they thundered across the tundra in a great horde, leaving only death and dismay in their wake. Others say they came from across the sea, conquerors from a distant land. Alas, hundreds of years have passed since their arrival in Arvum, and things have changed. Situated between Tor (Fidante) and Artshall (Laurent), they have lived a nomadic existence, surviving in the plains and forests to the south, and the forests and hills to the north. More often than not, they have taken to raiding, pillaging farms and villages alike. They have battled Oathlanders, Lycaeum and abandoned on a frequent basis. However, rather suddenly, The Horselord Ruslan Volkov, after the passing of their father and his subsequent rise to power, announced their vassalage to House Fidante, under the city-states of Velenosa. Perplexed, thus began the Volkov’s introduction to the Compact and their subsequent growth into a proper March.

Holdings: Volkov Woods

Description: Volkov Woods is the home of the March. The large village has sprung up incredibly fast, given the Volkov’s nomadic past. Northwest of Tor, the grasslands that the horselords thrived on still had hills and forests that allowed them to often evade those seeking to bring the Volkov to battle until they decided to finally settle and create the permanent holding.

Major Exports: Tea, Vodka, Tobacco, Hemp, Horses, Meads, Berry Wines, Amaretto liqueurs, livestock. The major center of commerce for Volkov Woods lies within the city of Thoroughbred Ring. A place that is quickly becoming quite industrious, now housing all manner of merchants, wares, and traders.

Part of the Great Road.