Vitalis Mazetti

Vitalis Mazetti
Social Rank 4
Fealty Velenosa
House Mazetti
Gender Male
Age 25
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Explorer
Height 6'2
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Skintone Sun Burnished
Parents Valerio Mazetti, Mirabel Mazetti
Uncles/Aunts Bacchio Mazetti, Vittoria Mazetti, Foscari Mazetti, Tereza Mazetti, Arios Mazetti
Cousins Cambria Mazetti, Alessia Mazetti, Dianna Mazetti, Antea Mazetti, Alecstazi Thrax
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Many see the mirror of his father when they look at Vitalis. He is tall, with hair as black as pitch and eyes of an unforgiving grey. He tends towards the rangy, however, and his smiles light up his face with a boyish charm, driving the chill from his gaze. Though Vitalis practices an economy of movement, when excited by something he gives into expansive gestures - rather like a one man play.


Vitalis is one of those rare few who finds himself at home in just about any situation. On the road, travelling with strangers from all walks of life, or rubbing elbows with the highest of Peers in a courtly setting, he adapts himself effortlessly. He is friendly and energetic, but not, and this is important, naive. In fact, Vitalis is rather a shrewd judge of character.


When Vitalis was still very young, his mother was murdered. He does not remember much of her, though sometimes he catches whiff of a floral scent that stirs some faint emotion within him that he associates with the maternal. He knows the story of her passing, and he knows how much her loss hurt his father, but Vitalis never felt lonely. Perhaps because of her death, and perhaps because he was also one of the youngest Mazetti, his relatives were quick to fill the void. It was his grandmother, in particular, that awoke in a young Vitalis a thirst for knowledge and a love of the mysterious.

From his father, Vitalis realized that adventure was to be lived outside the pages of books. So while he pursued his studies, he never once took umbrage at being sent into the countryside to patrol. Eventually he began to organize his own expeditions, ranging off to explore this or that local ruin. Though still young, Vitalis has treated with several of the local tribes of Abandoned, securing passage rites and even, in one spectacular case, saving a chieftain's son and so found himself named a blood-brother with a new friend for life.

Yet as with so many of the Mazetti, home is an undeniable siren's call. The thick, ancient walls of the inner round with its unblinking eyes of faded paint and the grand architectural style of Ostria itself still inspires that original sense of mystery in Vitalis today. And if home is where the heart is, then Vitalis isn't exactly sure if it is one enigma he ever wants to solve.