Videl igniseri

Videl igniseri
Social Rank 5
Fealty Velenosa
House Igniseri
Gender Female
Age 19
Religion Faith Of The Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height 5'3"
Hair Color Raven
Eye Color Dark Brown
Skintone Sickly Pale
Parents Massimo Igniseri, Giorgia Igniseri
Siblings Ilsoreno Igniseri, Yelana Igniseri
Uncles/Aunts Emisilia Igniseri, Renata Igniseri, Giovannetta Igniseri, Oberion Igniseri
Cousins Vincere Igniseri, Pietro Igniseri, Iovita Igniseri, Quenia Igniseri, Luis Igniseri, Ariella Igniseri, Lucita Saik, Astraea Valardin, Amarantha Sanna, Echo Redrain, Leena Igniseri, Apollis Malvici, Avaline Velenosa
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Videl is thin and short. Her raven curls and dark brown eyes contrast starkly with the sickly pale skin she can't seem to ever overcome. With little muscle to speak of, there's no doubt that she's always been this frail. Her lips stand out with the pale skin and the lightest blush can be seen from a distance, but her smiles are abundant and her features pleasant on the eye.


Frailty barred Videl from so much she'd like to have done, she's determined not to let anything else get in her way. If she decides she wants to do something, she will. Often cheerful, always glad to be around people, and in love with crowds, Videl is at home in grand parties. But, her frailty has shaped more than just her determination. She's compassionate towards those who struggle with circumstances beyond their control, eager to help those she can, and in those frequent times of sickness, she paints. Her work is cryptic, a way to express herself when she can find no other way.


Videl Igniseri was born the youngest, after a pregnancy riddled with problem and born early, small and young. It was a miracle she survived, but she never recovered. As a child she was often sick and as such she was gently guided towards mental pursuits. And although a clever girl, she found a myriad of excuses to dodge her studies, making little progress on them.

No, it was the court that drew her. And parties. For as frail as she was, Videl was determined to live life to the fullest, and that meant she wanted to enjoy herself. Parties, friends, fashion. Videl knew what she wanted, and she quickly figured out how to use her frailty as a way to get it.

Now, having grown to adulthood. She's decided she wanted to go to Arx, despite what the ardeous journey might do to her. She's here, to partake in the grandest social arena on Arvum.