Verity Locke

Verity Locke
Social Rank 7
Fealty Valardin
House Locke
Gender Female
Age 28
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Courtier
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Ice Blue
Skintone Bronze
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Verity moves like a knife-fighter with all of that ball-of-the-feet grace, confidence, and readiness-- and a knife-fighter's disrespect for the concept of personal space too. Neither tall nor short, she strikes a comfortable middle ground in terms of height, and boasts a sleek build that balances toned muscle with healthy curves. It's a package sheathed in skin bronzed by both heritage and time spent outdoors. All of that, /and/ she can claim an exquisitely lovely face with a lush-lipped mouth and a pair of doe-shaped eyes in a startling shade of glacier blue. Add in a thick mane of raven-dark hair that boasts a natural wave and it hardly seems fair, does it?


It would be easy for a girl newly emerged from the backwater of Valardin lands to be starry-eyed, with grass-seeds in her hair and no concept of how to handle the big city. But Verity's love for life translates into her being like a fish introduced to water. She lives, she loves, she laughs, she fights. There's not an experience out there that she doesn't want to try or hasn't already sampled, and her enthusiasm for new delights and old ones remains undiminished.


A no one born to nobody, that's Verity. She was one of many, many children had by farmers who raised feed for the horses bred for noble use in Chevalle. It was a rough and tumble childhood full of hard labor and much mischief, and Verity emerged from it a scrapper with dreams just a little too large to be contained by such humble surroundings. The way to rise was to impress those higher up and so she set out to do just that, through a string of odd jobs that left her with a curious and diverse range of skills that eventually landed her on the career path of Most Eclectic Courtesan in All of Arvum.

But once again, her environment proved too stifling. She might be as steadfast and driven as any Valardin-born, and as much a stickler about keeping true to her word and her honor, but she and the stuffiness of better society in the Oathlands parted ways. To Arx she came, expecting to make her fortune. That it seems to be in the midst of deadly crisis is just a bonus, really.