Valdemar Grimhall

Valdemar Grimhall
Social Rank 3
Fealty Thrax
House Grimhall
Gender Male
Age 29
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Soldier
Height 6'2"
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Skintone Pale
Parents Harald Grimhall, Anneke Grimhall
Siblings Melinda Grimhall, Sivard Grimhall, Ingvar Grimhall, Ingrid Grimhall, Tatyana Grimhall
Uncles/Aunts Abram Grimhall, Lira Darkwater, Dolores Seabright, Pyotr Seabright, Alina Darkwater, Wulfrum Darkwater
Cousins Esera Velenosa, Gersard Grimhall, Isolde Velenosa, Belladonna Pravus, Viviana Pravus, Sebastian Pravus, Juliana Igniseri, Lianne Malespero, Charlaine Moore, Jovarn Grimhall, Elonso Pravus, Merida Thrax, Nicia Laurent, Gawain Blanchard, Erik Grimhall, Sanya Grimhall, Karina Seabright, Celeste Pravus, Aurelia Pravus, Severine Seabright, Katryn Blanchard, Allegra Pravus, Adrienne Valardin, Matteo Pravus
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Tall and broad of frame, Valdemar is lean and powerful, a natural warrior and athlete. His blonde hair falls freely to his shoulders most of the time, as he rarely wears it bound in any fashion. While he is naturally fair of skin, he does typically have a light tan thanks to long hours spent in the sun aboard ships and at weapons practice. Prominent brows and cheekbones give him a stern countenance, something which is accentuated by a strong jaw that is most often covered in a well-groomed beard. In spite of this, he smiles more often than his family name might lead one to expect, a charming curve of the lips that brightens his features when it happens.

{w({nHis hair is currently tied back with a leather cord banded in burnished copper.{w){n


Hungry for greatness in the way most young warriors are. He is proud of his family and legacy, and wishes to earn an exalted place in the annals of Grihems Point, but it not entirely chained to tradition. He enjoys being liked and is better at it than many might expect of a Grimhall, but loses no sleep if he must settle for being feared.


The oldest son of Harald and Anneke, he was an obedient child brought up in a firmly traditional Thraxian manner. He always knew what his role was expected to be: captain of a ship, with steel in hand. If he did well enough, perhaps one day he'd lead a fleet against great foes in a famous battle. Grimhall boys often dreamt of such things. What Valdemar never dreamed of was that one day his father would take the position of Duke by force, keeping the House steady and stable during times of turmoil and war within the compact. Suddenly he was not just another warrior dreaming of glory, but the heir to his House.

He served as the Sword of Grihem's Point, wielding the famed Grimhowl against threats to Thrax and the Compact. Yet not all of his battles were steel and blood. He faced great criticism from many of his fellow Islanders when he married the scandalous Vanora Pravus, the former Marquessa of House Kennex until a divorce. That he wed the former wife of Grimhall's most influential vassal caused a great deal of talk, but the match was a canny political move arranged by Duke Harald. Grimhall and Pravus had been rivals, and sometimes enemies, for decades on end, and it was this union that prevented more sabotage and bloodshed, sealing the two Houses as allies.

When the Great Grim Duke lost his life defending the Compact, Valdemar ascended to rule. Guided by the lessons of his father and his own ambition, he has attempted to lead his House to greatness despite turmoil in the Isles. Always walking the line between Grimhall traditionalism and the Thraxian reformers, he continues to work towards the glory he dreamed of as a boy.