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Dredcall NPCs

Family tree of the below NPCs (click to embiggen)
NPC-Ausan.jpg Lady Ausan Dredcall

"There is always something ridiculous about the emotions of people."
Voice of House Dredcall. Younger sister to Marquis Victor, older sister to Jocosa. Absolute ice queen. Humorless. Joyless. Ruthless.

NPC-Jocosa.jpg Lady Jocosa Dredcall

"I must find a truth that is true for me."
House Dredcall Minister of Income. Youngest sister of Marquis Victor and Lady Ausan. Perpetually lives within their shadow. A mess of insecurities.

NPC-Isar.jpg Lord Isar Dredcall

"Hate your enemy with a whole heart."
Admiral of House Dredcall's Navy. First cousin of Victor, Ausan, Jocosa, etc. Shav raiders attacked his wedding ceremony and killed his bride, Lady Soli Brightmoon. He could spend the rest of his life crushing shav tribes and still not feel as though the scales have been evened.

NPC-Balthazar.jpg Lord Balthazar Dredcall

"Calm down; your heart will prompt you to achieve nothing."
House Dredcall Minister of Loyalty. Father of Sigeric and Coventina. Uncle of Victor, Ausan, Jocosa, Isar. Quiet. Calm. Even-keeled. Very much a "place for everything, and everything in its place" type, and serene and happy when things are in their places. But always watching with sharp eyes for anything that might be out of place. Always.

NPC-Sigeric.jpg Lord Sigeric Dredcall

"Only the dead have seen the end of war."
House Dredcall Minister of Warfare. Older brother of Coventina. Son of Balthazar. First cousin of everyone else in this table. A capable military tactician with a strong reputation. Perpetually tired. Possibly pushing himself too hard.

NPC-Coventina.jpg Lady Coventina Dredcall

"Never tell your resolution beforehand."
House Dredcall Minister of Productivity. Younger sister of Sigeric. Daughter of Balthazar. First cousin of everyone else in this table. Very good at her ministerial duties, but possessed of much greater ambitions. Competent, confident, Machiavellian, dangerous.