Umay Valardin

Umay Valardin
Social Rank 7
Fealty Crownsworn
House Valardin
Gender Female
Age 18
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Priest
Height 5'4"
Hair Color Pale Brown
Eye Color Green
Skintone Sunkissed
Parents Bernh Valardin
Uncles/Aunts Dayne Valardin, Selennia Valardin, Radley Valardin, Alareon Valardin
Cousins Edain Valardin, Alis Valardin, Isabeau Valardin, Vance Valardin, Tabitha Valardin, Valen Valardin, Beaumont Valardin, Aurelian Valardin, Sophie Valardin, Malorie Valardin, Tristram Valardin
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The young woman is on the shorter side, and overall she seems somewhat frail from a glance at her dainty and petite build. Her skin carries a healthy, but subtle, glow of a tan and the only apparent inconsistency in her complexion is a smattering of freckles across her cheeks and her nose. Her hair is long and reaches down to the middle of her back. It might reach further, but part of it has been arranged in a neat braid that rests on her head like a crown of flowers. Her features betray her youth and her gentle green eyes are bright and full of life.


A naive, trusting, and kind hearted young woman with a strong faith


Umay Valardin was born in Arx eighteen years ago in the cold of January, to Berhn Valardin and Gloria Lorne. Berhn made his living acting as one of the instructors at the training grounds, and Gloria was once a server at the Traders Tavern before Umay's birth. After her birth, she chose to resign and shifted her focus onto tending to her new baby and the home. They all lived as a family at the House grounds, and even as a distant cousin she attempted to befriend her family. Even though most gave her some leeway as a child, her clumsy fumbling often led to her being pitied and looked down for lacking in the stoic composure common to the family name. Berhn did not want to see this happen to his daughter, and so when he was not working he put Umay through some strict training to try to give her the grace of a proper lady. She learned well and the House got to watch as she grew to a budding young woman. Umay was never certain with what life had for her, but she found that she loved staying in with her mother to join her in her times of worship. It was always what provided her with a feeling of warmth, acceptance, and safety in both times of stress and calm. After this faith was kindled and nurtured by observing other faithful members of the family, she decided to devote her life to the Pantheon when she was fifteen. Her family supported her in her decision, so after that much of her free time was spent by the shrines as she studied for her vows. While she shows respect to them all equally, and the 13th with an air of wary caution, she does favor Vellichor. The time of her vows draws closer every day, and she looks forward to helping others find and feel secure in their own faith.