Tessa Moore

Tessa Moore
Social Rank 6
Fealty Valardin
House Moore
Gender Female
Age 20
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Up-and-coming Courtier
Height 5'0"
Hair Color Golden Blonde
Eye Color Golden
Skintone Fair
Parents Bernhard Moore, Anne Moore
Siblings Tarrant Moore
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A delicate doll of a young woman, in circles outside of Arx she is likely used to being the prettiest girl in the room always. Her features delicately sculpted, her blond hair always tumbling about as if it just fell perfectly that way. Her golden eyes and mouth are expressive, shifting readily with every feeling that possesses her. Her frame is petite, as the rest of her, lean and subtle in its curves.

{w({nThe usually petite lady seems even leaner than normal, her features having grown somewhat angular as any softeness has vacated.{w){n


FABULOUS! While Tessa occupies a small body she has a big personality that absolutely radiates out from it. Her smiles are huge, her giggles bottomless. She's endlessly delighted in all the pleasures and glitter life has to offer. Bright colors! Shiny jewelry! Parties and people and oh what the world has to offer! Tessa craves and celebrates it all ignorant of consequence. Unfortunately her downs are just as drastic as her ups, and those closest to her are more than aware of the petulant violence of her temper? those who did not know ahead of time often learn of it while a slipper is being thrown at their head.


Tessa's parents were cousins of a baron that was barely more than a peasant himself and as a result, Tessa and her brother really grew up 'nobles in name only' dragged about from the generosity of one rich relation to the next as they grew. For Tessa it drove home the lesson early on that if you're adorable and you smile just right, those with more than you will give you some.

Unfortunately what she did not learn is that when you get older people expect that you will do more than smile, and confronted with the expectation of doing something productive with her life, Tessa balked. And so at the age of 18 she tried to run off to be a Whisper, thinking 'oh my pretty face will be invaluable here!' and 'Oh I will be paid lavishly to attend parties with fancy people'.

A ruder awakening came when she was given books to read and told to gain a 'skill' or learn a 'talent'. Being herself was her talent! Reading is boring. Making things takes time and breaks nails and learning an instrument requires discipline. Boring. Boring is the bane of Tessa's existence! But worse, the true horror was learning she wasn't even the prettiest girl in all the land (though she will NEVER admit that she realizes that to anyone).

Returning home, having failed at her efforts to make something better of herself than a poor girl with nothing but a title, Tessa found her brother struggling with similar issues. And so when he decided to go to Arx to 'make something of himself' she insisted on tagging along. After all, that's where all the (Single) Handsome Princes are? right?