Tescelina Wyrmguard

Tescelina Wyrmguard
Social Rank 5
Fealty Valardin
House Wyrmguard
Gender Female
Age 21
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Knight
Height 5'7"
Hair Color Palladium
Eye Color Cyan
Skintone Fair
Parents Baptiste Wyrmguard, Antoinette Wyrmguard
Uncles/Aunts Frances Wyrmguard, Damien Wyrmguard, Karine Wyrmguard
Cousins Clover Farshaw, Reiker Wyrmguard, Sorrel Thrax, Esra Wyrmguard, Alexandre Redtyde, Sunaia Ashford, Killian Ashford, Avary Ashford, Addison Ashford
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Tescelina once held an immaculately sweet face. But it has since become something haunted although, in certain circles, there is beauty in this as well. Sweetness touched with a melancholic bitterness. High and noble cheekbones terminate into a pointed chin with oft expressionless pink lips, brilliant but hollow cyan eyes usually downcast, and hair in the bloodline's favored near white which is worn often in a bushy tail with hanging strands to the sides or, in more private moments, allowed to spill down the back. She has maintained a high level of fitness, however, and her limbs and sleek figure are suited to her style of swordsmanship.


There are some that have called her demure but she is not shy, simply -- hushed. She often avoids direct eye-contact and can seem distant or entirely vacant (at the worst of times). Her smiles are poetically sad things and her penchant for solitude makes it seem that she is standing alone, even in a crowded space. She has not, however, lost her sense of duty and when she is prone to act it feels mechanical but honed; her face often falling to something of an expressionless countenance.


"Such a clever girl." That was often heard in regard to Tescelina from a very early age. The sole daughter of Baptiste and Antoinette Wyrmguard. She possessed -- besides a love of star-gazing and reading for long hours in the library -- a fierce sense of right and wrong. Throwing herself into harms way on numerous occasions for relatives and close friends. Her father put her on the path to becoming a knight, which she accomplished by the age of 18.

Alas, she had gone questing from her home only two years later and taken up residence in House Bellerive's county during the height of the turmoil regarding the Great Road. Reports of these events are scarce. However, while visiting a small villa, it was beset by attackers late in the evening. By dawn's light, only Tescelina remained alive. Wearing her night clothes, drenched in blood, and clutching her sword while standing in the villa's expansive sunflower field. She could not and would later be unable to recall what transpired. But all were found brutally mutilated. This is believed to have been Abandoned before they were driven to the border.

Some speculated that she was the slayer but this could not be proven. For despite her appearance, her sword had not a drop of blood on it. They began, in whispers, to simply refer to her as the Knight of Sunflowers.

She has come to Arx after a few months of recovery and /encouraged/ to take the trip by her parents who believe that the city will do her good -- and keep her out of the minds of those back home in the Oathlands.