Tanith Grayhope

Tanith Grayhope
Social Rank 8
Fealty Crownsworn
House Grayhope
Gender Female
Age 31
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Bartender
Height 5'5"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Skintone Golden Brown
Parents Francis Grayhope
Siblings Emara Grayhope
Uncles/Aunts Tobar Grayhope, Kelda Grayhope, Tobias grayhope
Cousins Michal Grayhope, Chanse Grayhope, Aureth Grayhope, Lucia Grayhope, Fortunato Whisper, Manny Grayhope, Imelda Grayhope, Corrigan Grayhope, Brady Grayhope, Reyner Grayhope
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Ample of hips and thick of thigh, Tanith is plump and curvaceous. Her skin is a warm brown and her dark hair is long, thick, and wavy. Dark eyes are framed in thick black lashes, set in an expressive face, with full lips and an oval face. Plush softness over strength, nothing about this woman suggest fragility or weakness; she's vivacious, energetic, and has the look of someone who puts up with very little.


Tanith loves what she does, she loves being in the middle of things, helping, supporting, providing alcohol, and kicking out the riff-raff. She's loud, often too brazen, rarely uses tact even though she's very aware of what it is, and has no problem offending anyone within a twenty-foot radius.

Honest and hard-working, she's loyal to a fault, she may or may not hold grudges, and she typically enjoys meeting new people.


Tanith is one of the many Grayhope 'cousins', she's worked for one family business or another since she was a teen. She has been employed at the Murder in some capacity or another, from dishwasher to server to cook, and so on. Now she mans the bar, an illustrious position if ever there was one, and doubles as the muscle when things get exciting. Her hobbies include bottle-smashing, embroidery, arm-wrestling, and learning about new kinds of bludgeoning weapons (or what can make a good bludgeoning weapon), and baking.