Symanthe Morgan

Symanthe Morgan
Fealty Valardin
Gender Female
Age 56
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Baker
Height 5'7"
Hair Color Medium Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Fair
Spouse Hardwicke Morgan
Children Holden Morgan, Aleksei Morgan, Warrick Morgan, Briseis Morgan
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Symanthe Morgan is a baker in Sanctum, wife of Captain Hardwicke Morgan, and mother to a slightly excessive slew of Morgan children.


Symanthe is vibrancy; resilience; ebullience. She is passionate and energetic, adventurous and deliberately, fiercely happy. She compartmentalizes. She likes to keep things simple. Complications result in negativity; negativity is bad; therefore, keep it simple. She interfaces fairly well with people generally; she is social, open, easygoing, affectionate, tolerant. She is organized, but languishes without spontaneity. She likes fun; she doesn't like to take things too seriously. Life's tough enough without a stick up your ass. She is stubborn, protective, grounded, resourceful.


Born and raised in Farhaven as the oldest of three girls, Symanthe endured a bit of a rocky childhood with a stubborn sort of passion to systematically attach herself to a future she preferred. For her, she found joy and steadiness in the mathematical creativity of baking; people, after all, will always need bread. A visit by a contingent from House Valardin was what first brought a 20-year-old Hardwicke Morgan into her life, and she swiftly identified the gruff, awkward young man as another aspect of her preferred future. She was the one to start sending letters down to Sanctum after he returned (addressed quite seriously with openings like "Dear cutie butt" and "Dear serious face") and, since his duty belonged to Sanctum and hers belonged to wherever she chose to put it, she was the one to pick up her life and relocate after deciding she was going to keep him. That he managed to land such a beautiful, vibrant sort of bride was the source of much consternation to his colleagues.

Their contrasting personalities proved to be a good complementary balance for both of them. They had their first child when Hardwicke was 22 and Symanthe 20, and they had another six before she declared quite firmly that she was done now that she had a brood large enough to harass her unsociable husband for the rest of his life. Their marriage has not been without strife, but it's several decades later with all their children (mostly) grown and they haven't quit yet.