Social Guide

Clout Formula

As of this writing: Clout = (diplomacy ^2 + empathy ^2 +etiquette ^2 +intimidation + leadership + manipulation ^2 +performance + propaganda ^2 +seduction ^2 + streetwise + haggling + charm ^2 + command + composure)/5 rounded down

There was some reports for a while that Streetwise was not included in this formula, but it is! You can see your current social clout by typing 'inventory' or 'i'

From May 2018 OOC @bb post by Aleksei: Kaine made this! I made an easy-to-remember URL for it. I am posting about it cause people ask for the link a lot! Calculator your social clout here: -- this still has streetwise on it, so probably skip filling that in regardless.

Praise Command

Pretty much stolen from help praise:


  • praise <character>[,<num praises>][=<message>]
  • praise/all <character>[=<message>]
  • praise/org <org>[,<num praises>][=<message>]

Praises a character, increasing their prestige. Your number of praises per week are based on your social rank and skills. Using praise with no arguments lists your praises. Costs 1 AP regardless of how many praises are used. That means if you run:

  • praise Marian,5=Hooray Marian!

it will only cost 1 AP instead of 5 if you ran the command five times.

Praises for orgs work a little differently. It may only be used for an organization sponsoring an event while you are in attendance, and the amount gained is based on the largesse of the event and the social resources spent by the organization.

Event Praises and Orgs

Please review help @cal on the game or follow the link here to the information via the official website.


[Info] Tehom: For praising an org at an event, (social resources + 1) * (5 + (2 * self.celebration_tier)) is the base value of praising an org

[Info] Tehom: celebration tier being the numerical rating of largesse

[Info] Sparte: What gets rolled? Same as a normal praise roll after that?

[Info] Tehom: Yes. Normal praise roll after that with that value being a base. So in general, it'll vastly overshadow the praise roll of characters that aren't social and that'll just be the value plus a tiny amount

[Info] Cirroch: Can multiple orgs sponsor an event?

[Info] Sparte nods. "I was looking at a joint event between the Hart and the Champions. Venue plus organization."

[Info] Tynan: Is the base value multiplied by the number of praises used as well?

[Info] Theodoric: Does the event owner have to allow sponsorship? or is it automatic? ;-)

[Info] Apostate: Yes Tynan, per praise

[Info] Tehom: The organization has to be added to the event as a sponsor to be praised, yeah

[Info] Tehom: Multiple orgs can sponsor an event, yeah

[Info] Thena: Pro tip, invite the org to the event, then add your resources

[Info] Thena: It took me a week and staff intervention to figure that one out

Model & Fashion

Again, pretty much taken from help model:

Model items that can be worn or wielded to earn fame. Usage:

  • model <item>=<organization>


  • model[/all]
  • model/designers[/all] [<designer name>]
  • model/orgs[/all] [<organization>]

A fashion model tests their composure & performance to earn fame. The organization sponsoring the model and the item's designer accrues a portion of fame as well. Although masks may be modeled, doing so will reveal the model's identity in subsequent item labels and informs. Without the /all switch for leaderboards, only the Top 20 are displayed.

Items that have been modeled will be appended at the bottom noting who modeled it, for what org, and on what date. An item may only be modeled once. For example:

It is a precious neck jewelry.
Its level of craftsmanship is exceptional.
Modeled by Gwenna for Gold Order on 2018/07/17.

Event Largesse Costs

Cost is the amount of silver needed.

| Level       | Cost   | Prestige |
| Small       | 0      | 0        |
| Average     | 100    | 1000     |
| Refined     | 1000   | 5000     |
| Grand       | 10000  | 20000    |
| Extravagant | 100000 | 100000   |
| Legendary   | 500000 | 400000   |