Skye Blackshore

Skye Blackshore
Social Rank 6
Fealty Thrax
House Blackshore
Gender Female
Age 23
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Shipwright
Height 5'2"
Hair Color Chestnut
Eye Color Cerulean
Skintone Porcelain
Parents Cornelius Blackshore, Florence Gilden
Siblings Dycard Blackshore, Romulius Blackshore
Uncles/Aunts Alessandra Gilden, Matteo Gilden, Martino Gilden, Leo Gilden, Beryllia Blackshore, Oswald Blackshore, Magnus Blackshore, Kordelia Gilden, Quirin Navegant
Cousins Aria Gilden, Turo Navegant, Valors Navegant, Estil Navegant, Ysabel Gilden, Isabetta Gilden, Stefano Gilden, Lucene gilden, Regla Navegant, Kael Keaton, Thesbe Aryn, Armani Gilden, Iseulet Blackshore
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Delicate fine features are at odds with the fire that burns in her cerulean eyes. Thick chestnut locks twist and turn on her hair, falling light a waterfall around her shoulders and down her back. Pale ivory skin without a freckle to mar the palette. A proud nose and soft pink lips that smile when the wind blows through her hair. Her body curves like an hourglass giving her a narrow waist that shows off Thrax fashion well. Willowy arms move down to painter's hands that sometimes are stained in quill ink from her drawings. Her petite feet match the rest of her frame, leaving her to look up when she addresses her brethren.


Lady Skye Blackshore has a firm resilience in her voice that shows that despite her young age, she knows her mind and isn't afraid to say it. While not the most conventional of ladies, she will respect her elders provided they respect her and tries to follow social niceties. Razor sharp wit and keen mind are her hallmarks. When she's working on a project, nothing gets in her way.


Skye Blackshore came into this world on a rocking ship in the middle of a storm that almost split her father's ship in two. Lady Florence Blackshore was sick from the rocking and had to give birth to the fiery little baby that roared her way into this world. That moment in time seemed to set a precedence because she took her toddler years by storming, making her mother fear that the little girl would pitch overboard if she took her eyes off her. She used her two older brothers to help reign the little hellion in. Her father, Lord Cornelius Blackshore, served as a naval architect for House Thrax so his duties took him all over the Mourning Isles. To Skye, he was the hero who loved his wife deeply and took them with him wherever he went so he wouldn't have to be parted. While she did find land when he would consult with the different ports, she spent most of her childhood on the water. She dressed like breeches and chased after her two brothers. Her mother desperately tried to get her to be a little lady but the tom boy inside Skye would have none of that. Her mother's declining health and father's distracted parenting left the girl more often than not to hang on the sailors on her father's ship and learn a host of profanity that no little girl should know.

When she turned eleven, Skye's life took a drastic change. Her mother's waning health got bad enough that Cornelius could not in good conscious keep her on the boat. He deposited mother and daughter at his family estate and then took her brothers with him so in one fatal swoop, the little girl lost most of her family to the sea. Her mother and her took residence in the tower at Blackshore Keep, Skye becoming a nursemaid to her ailing mother. The frustrated pre-teen only got relief in the library that had all kinds of books on nautical subjects and her father's journals on his early ship designs. She memorized the drawings, started to make some of her own. Her absentee father came when his schedule would permit but it was months at a time that she would not see him. Instead Uncle Oswald, the Baron of Blackshore, took the authority figure. His strict discipline insured that this wild hoyden turned into a beautiful young lady. While at first, he was a gruff, but loving uncle. Over time, as his madness set in, he was prone to vicious displays of violence that scared the young lady.

It wasn't until Blackshore Keep was destroyed by dragon fire that she was forced to come to the city after taking her mother's ashes to her childhood home. Count Turo Navegant, her cousin, took the young lady in as his ward. While attempts were made to find other members of the Blackshore family, none could be found. Skye still holds out hope that her father and brothers will be found, but as time passes that hope has started to fade. Recently Skye was named heir to Blackshore, making her Baroness. An expedition sponsored by the Society of the Explorers, lead by Sparte Fatchforth, found that while 5-mile radius around Blackshore Keep was destroyed, there is still viable 95-mile radius of land that can be rebuilt on. She has established an outdoor shrine to the gods and dock at the future site of New Hope. In the coming year, once things have settled, she will start the journey of rebuilding her barony. Perhaps find a husband that will marry into the family and help her breed the next generation of Blackshore.