Org Head Oswyn Spencer
Second Delilah Shepherd, Lailah Bisland, Aelgar Navegant
Words "We guard the words of men and gods."
Sigil Two rolled up scrolls crossed over one another.
Nickname Scholars of Vellichor, Scholars, Robes, Bookworms

While the Scholars of Vellichor are closely tied to the Faith of the Pantheon as they are all officially disciples of the god of knowledge, and the upper ranks of the scholarship are godsworn, any member of the laity that follows academic pursuits may be closely tied to the scholarship rather than the Faith of the Pantheon as a whole. Full of teachers, scholars, researchers and all manner of academics, the Scholars of Vellichor manage the Great Archive of Vellichor as well as the Vellichorian Academy, and are responsible for much of the teaching in the Compact.

Points of Contact

Scholars' Vows

Any Scholar of Vellichor, before being allowed to work in the Great Archive of Vellichor or work with journals at all, must make the following vows before Vellichor:

"I am a guardian of knowledge. I shall never allow knowledge under Vellichor's protection to be destroyed."

"I am a guardian of stories. I shall never allow any works under our protection to be altered, and thus for the accounts to be forever lost."

"I am a guardian of testimony. The black reflections are a sacred bond between a soul and the gods of the Pantheon. I may record, but that trust must never be violated."

Those are vows that everyone working in the scholarship would take, even if they are never permitted to work with Black Reflections (and it is typically only godsworn scholars handle them in any way). Godsworn, of course, also vow that they will take no other vows between themselves and service to the gods, including having children, ruling over land, or other titles.

Vellichorian Academy

The Scholars of Vellichor also maintain the Vellichorian Academy, which allows students from any walk of life to come and study with the Scholars. Occasionally, the Academy may host guest lectures as well from those outside the organization, in the effort of bringing knowledge to the Compact. Those who are affiliated with the Academy fall under the umbrella of the Scholars of Vellichor, though students and teachers of the Academy may not all be Disciples. They may be researchers, historians, field experts or liaisons from other organizations.

If you are looking for a teacher in a specific subject, please use the +petition system to request a teacher from the Scholars organization. Likewise, if you are a teacher looking to teach, feel free to use the +petition system to search for students.