Sanya Grimhall

Sanya Grimhall
Social Rank 4
Fealty Thrax
House Grimhall
Gender Female
Age 28
Religion Pantheon (Mangata)
Vocation Courtier
Height 5'4"
Hair Color Spun Gold
Eye Color Sapphire Blue
Skintone Peaches And Cream
Parents Abram Grimhall, Alina Darkwater
Siblings Jovarn Grimhall, Merida Thrax, Erik Grimhall
Uncles/Aunts Anneke Grimhall, Draevor Darkwater, Lira Darkwater, Delfina Darkwater, Dameodred Darkwater, Venta Darkwater, Harald Grimhall, Asriel Darkwater, Wulfrum Darkwater
Cousins Max Darkwater, Ixion Darkwater, Darrow Darkwater, Valdemar Grimhall, Sameera Coldrain, Melinda Grimhall, Sivard Grimhall, Ingvar Grimhall, Ingrid Grimhall, Tatyana Grimhall
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A petite beauty, what she lacks in stature she makes up for, carrying herself like a formidable woman to be reckoned with, not a delicate darling. Her features evoke thoughts of classical paintings, with high cheekbones and a slightly pointed jaw contrasting in angles with soft lips that draw the eye when she speaks. Eyes are the rich blue of sapphires, bright as the sea glittering under moonlight. Her skin is peaches and cream, flawless, not even a stray freckle marring that perfection. Her hair is worn in long waves that reach just below the shoulder blades when loose, a sunlit gold shade that is so much more than 'blonde'. Her figure is lithe and she moves with self-possession that belies her youth.

{w({nShe's visibly pregnant.{w){n


Sanya Grimhall smiles easily and often, and uses those smiles either to please, engage, or disarm. She's adept at all three and wields passion and inspiration the same way so many in her family do cold steel. It is a foolish thing to assume that she is less precise with those tools, or less deadly. Her moods can seem to shift like quicksilver, and though she can be sunny and charming it takes only one sharp turn to find that laughter fades to temper. Those who know Sanya well describe her as mesmerizing, motivated and exceptionally loyal to those whom she feels have earned it. Family above all.


Lady Sanya Grimhall is one of Abram and Alina Grimhall's children, with a cluster of brothers and sisters not quite as famous as Duke Harald's large brood, but impressive either way. Sanya was born among the middle of the brood, closest with her twin brother Erik and a younger sister, Merida. Her relationship with her elder brother Jovarn was strained. Though they were close in age, they struggled to find common ground and she found his constant tendency to question his duties unbecoming. Her upbringing was fairly typical for a Grimhall...time watching the men prepare for sailing and reaving and learning the arts reserved for women through her mother, though her education had a bit of a different spin on it.{_{/{/Alina{_was{_a{_Darkwater{_before{_she{_married,{_and{_brought{_into{_her{_family{_life{_many{_strange{_and{_mythical{_seeming{_legends{_she'd{_learned{_growing{_up{_on{_Darkwater{_Watch,{_though{_it{_is{_not{_until{_recently{_that{_any{_of{_those{_tall{_tales{_seemed{_to{_potentially{_have{_a{_ring{_of{_truth.{_She{_focused{_on{_Sanya's{_education{_more{_thoroughly{_than{_her{_other{_daughters,{_describing{_Sanya{_as{_'the{_one{_most{_like{_me'.{_Darkwater{_blood{_maybe.{_{/{/From{_an{_early{_age,{_Sanya{_was{_given{_a{_thorough{_education{_in{_etiquette{_and{_other{_social{_graces,{_but{_also{_in{_the{_power{_of{_words.{_She{_learned{_how{_to{_write{_in{_a{_way{_that{_shared{_her{_thoughts{_with{_the{_world{_concisely{_and{_clearly{_yet{_also{_passionately,{_the{_more{_driven{_she{_was{_by{_a{_cause{_the{_more{_effectively{_she{_argued{_for{_it.{_This{_may{_have{_set{_her{_up{_for{_a{_good{_career{_in{_law,{_and{_appeared{_to{_be{_shaping{_up{_to{_do{_so{_when{_the{_course{_shifted{_just{_slightly.{_{/{/Instead{_of{_devoting{_her{_focus{_to{_the{_court,{_Alina{_taught{_her{_how{_to{_use{_that{_power{_with{_language{_towards{_different{_ends.{_A{_well{_spoken,{_persuasive{_figure{_was{_just{_what{_Sanya's{_father{_required{_as{_the{_Admiral{_of{_his{_own{_section{_of{_the{_Grim{_Fleet.{_Since{_an{_injury{_forced{_his{_early{_retirement,{_Sanya{_has{_been{_sent{_by{_her{_family{_from{_Grihem's{_Point{_to{_Arx,{_that{_she{_might{_use{_her{_skills{_in{_service{_to{_a{_House{_that{_desperately{_needs{_her.