Rysen Crovane

Rysen Crovane
Social Rank 4
Fealty Redrain
House Crovane
Gender Male
Age 22
Religion Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation Knight
Height 5'11"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Storm Grey
Skintone Fair
Parents Bothas Crovane, Annya Telmar
Siblings Locke Velenosa, Lenne Crovane
Uncles/Aunts Arn Telmar, Geralt Crovane, Everard Telmar, Lucas Telmar, Tanya Telmar, Lawrence Crovane, Zotikos Telmar, Rosalyn Crovane, Artair Crovane
Cousins Simone Greenmarch, Ansel Telmar, Lilia Grimhall, Evelyn Telmar, Tobias Telmar, Ywaine Telmar, Percephon Telmar, Somhairle Crovane, Morin Corvane, Asger Crovane, Corban Telmar, Tesha Telmar, Dulcinea Telmar, Clara Crovane, Tovell Telmar, Fianna Crovane, Etienne Telmar, Caspian Ru'Taul, Bashira Ru-Taul, Kalila Crovane, Gunnar Melaeris, Farhairle Crovane, Jorygg Crovane, Kahlana Crovane, Khari Ru'Taul
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The young man's dark brown hair is short and wavy, and his grey eyes resemble the textures and colors of storm clouds. Though his face is expressive and open, he bears a large scar on his right cheek, and his animal-like gaze often lingers. He is of average height, and a lean build, and his movements are fluid and natural. He has, on his left forearm, a tattoo in the shape of intricately arranged symbols.


Often respectful and curious, Rysen is a seeker of both knowledge and experiences. He is thoughtful and reflective, but wears his emotions on his sleeve, which often shatters plans and expectations in the heat of the moment. He seeks to earn honor and glory in the arts of war and poetry, but knows that he has much to learn, and is more at home in the country inn or wooded glade, than the glittering halls of court.


Rysen was born the second son of Lord Bothas Crovane, the youngest of Erskine's children, and Lady Annya Crovane, formerly of House Telmar. Lady Annya is a devout follower of the Faith, and invited the famed scholar Dame Judyth of Sanctum to educate her sons on religious matters, court poetry and the practice of virtue in everyday life. Rysen was also trained by Grodin Vales, a veteran soldier of the north, and Sir Roland Sky of the Telmarch, who taught him marital skills, survival techniques, and the tenants of the chivalric tradition. He fostered for a number of years in the Telmarch with his mother's family, before returning to Stormwall in order to serve House Crovane as a knight and diplomat.

Shortly before the Gyre forces invaded Stormwall, Rysen was sent on a diplomatic mission to speak with Abandoned tribes in the west. When Negotiations broke down, Rysen's team was slain and he was taken captive. With the help of an Abandoned woman named Lygeia, Rysen managed to escape his captivity, eventually making his way to Stormwall only to find countless bodies of the fallen, and the city on fire.

After recovering from his time spent in captivity, Rysen is rumored to have gotten into an altercation with a godsworn relation of his former lover. He was sent to Arx by his father, where he met Princess Sorrel Thrax and Gianna Whisper and joined the Bard's College as a poet. When Duke Asger Crovane was murdered in Crackneck lands, Rysen led an investigation into his assassination, and was asked to became the Voice of his cousin and new Duchess of Stormwall, Fianna Crovane. He then sought and obtained an interview with the Master of Questions, Prince Laric Grayson, and joined the Inquisition in an effort to fulfill a vow to protect the Compact from the powers that destroyed his homeland.