Ruval Longhaft/Reflection

RP Hooks

Sellsword: Ruval has had many jobs in his travels, all legal and not all related to a weapon, perhaps you hired him once?

Traveler: Ruval has done his share of traveling through the various regions of Arvum, while he may not have been to every Hold and March he has likely been to at least the largest settlements. Perhaps you met 'Long Haft' in the past.

Prodigal: Ruval used to be one of the Abandoned, if you were the same perhaps you met years ago?

General Timeline

977 AR: Birth

987 AR: Grandfather dies of old age.

991 AR: Father dies in a raid.

993 AR: Mother dies of illness.

995 AR: Banished by his tribe, took up traveling.

997 AR: Stops trying to join other Abandoned tribes and becomes a Prodigal, starts life as a man-for-hire.

1000 AR: The use of the nickname 'Long Haft' becomes commonplace for those who don't know his name.

1002 AR: Stops using spears and takes up use of glaives after seeing one used expertly and feels it is a more versitile weapon for his fighting style.

1003 AR: Makes enough money to buy a home in Arx to act as a base and safe harbor on his journeys, finally giving him a stable home for the first time since he was eighteen. Adopts 'Longhaft' as his official surname, mostly due to paperwork.

1004 AR: Meets and adopts Bellisma.

1009 AR: (Approval, 21 days after 32nd IC birthday)

Ruval's Travels (Updated as they develop)

Ida Ferron's home town, small hamlet outside Sanctum.

Fair Harbour

Past Connections (Filled in as they develop)

998 AR: First met Ida Ferron, having her make his first Arvani-styled spear.

1002 AR: First met Violet Marjawn, met during a caravan guarding mission with some of the Crimson Blades.

1006 AR: First met Liliana Harthall, met during a job by Daryn Harthall to help clear out some squatters.

1008 AR: First met Reese Grayson, met when he was given an assignment as a translator to a group seeking to recruit Crownlands Shavs against Brand's forces.