Rukhnis Al-Katibi

Rukhnis Al-Katibi
Social Rank 8
Fealty Redrain
House Al-Katibi
Gender Female
Age 29
Religion Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation Servant
Height 5'2"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Skintone Light Copper
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Despite her essential foreignness, Rukhnis gives an underwhelming impression of earthen nondescriptness to those who spare her only a glance. They will see a woman -- if they don't mistake her for a boy -- of no great height, square of face, compact in form, dark of eye with light coppery skin, her short and slightly frizzy dark brown hair pulled back in a thin braided tail: a creature brown and stolid as the ground she stands on. From many people, this first glance is the only glance Rukhnis will get. But for those who take a second look, with clearer and more curious eyes, there is something more. At rest -- in the amazing stillness of which she's capable of standing, in which you could almost forget she was there -- her bearing is poised and erect, and when she moves a fluid grace appears in all her motion. There is a proud cast to her nose and mouth, and a stubborn set to her jaw. Most of all, there is her eyes: not merely dark, but black and liquid as ink, with a gaze both guarded and curiously intense. Just as curious, her low voice possesses a wonderfully melodious cadence which is utterly spoiled by a rough rasp, and her right hand is marked by an ugly puckered scar that runs from palm to heel.

{w({nShe looks deeply tired, and her right hand is neatly bandaged.{w){n


"Dour," "stoic," and "stiff" might all be good descriptors used by anyone meeting Rukhnis for the first time. They might be equally applicable the second, third, fourth, and all the other times, with the possible addition of "proud," "reticent," and perhaps "morose." Whatever she really thinks and feels, she isn't often much inclined to talk about it. When she is, it might be better if she wasn't, as she can be extremely blunt and judgmental. On the other hand, in general she seems inclined towards courtesy and even kindness, in an extremely formal way. She has a strong personal code of honour, and her loyalty towards anyone whom she feels has earned it knows few bounds. She is also quite intellectually curious, and harbours a carefully guarded love of poetry, dancing, and flowers.


As suggested by her looks, Rukhnis hails originally from the Dune Kingdoms of Eurus, and is willing to concede under sustained questioning that she was a priestess or wise woman or some vaguely similar manner of person among some clan of desert tribesmen roaming the back of beyond, whose exact name and location she declines to give. She also seems to have spent some time as a scholar in the Mourning Isles, which perhaps explains her rather good command of the Arvani language and her haphazardly patchy knowledge about the land of Arvum itself. She is disinclined to speak about her reasons for leaving either Eurus or the Mourning Isles, or to explain just how she wound up in the service of Lord Rysen Crovane as his personal retainer, but it seems to be this latter circumstance that brought her to Arx.

Since her arrival in the city she has largely avoided drawing attention aside from establishing herself as a healer of some small note and a trusted servant of Crovane. Joining the Physicians guild early on, she had the chance to prove her medical abilities when a Eurusi ship collided with the city docks, depositing a few dozen liberated slaves who had become afflicted with an epidemic illness. Eventually she received the great honour of being appointed Assistant Guildmaster by the legendary healer Marquessa Reigna Keaton, and was also assigned the post of Crovane Minister of Medicine. While dividing her time between her house and guild, much of her work is directed towards improving the lives of the poor and marginalized and she can often be found working at the Commons Clinic in the Lower Boroughs.