Rowenova Halfshav

Rowenova Halfshav
Social Rank 7
Fealty Redrain
House Halfshav
Gender Female
Age 20
Religion Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation Steward
Height 5'9.5"
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Eye Color Cobalt Blue
Skintone Fair White
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The cobalt blue of her intense eyes and the cherry red of her softened lips vividly contrast with the niveous appearance of her fair complexion and the platinum cast of her long, straight, and thick hair which drapes down to the hourglass waistline of this hale, scrappy, spry, resolute, and wiry woman.


Rowenova grew up as a Northlands nomad (physically active & usually outdoors), so tiny rooms/spaces inside solid buildings usually bother her... it is not a terrifying claustrophobia but... a little glance toward an open window or her shifting stance during idle moments which gives away her yearning desire to move outside (and work hard) most times. Otherwise, she can stay quite calm (and even idle) in an outdoor setting (where she is completely comfortable).


Growing up on Halfshav family military campaigns in the 'savage' Northlands was an interesting childhood: physically taxing but more than mentally rewarding.

Whatever Rowenova may have been lacking back then in bodily strength, the waifish babe determinedly recouped with her iron willpower to stay alive and always strive for the best results. Tasked early with animal care (as far back as she can possibly recall), Rowenova grew up with increasing responsibility (and almost no idle time). Her parental guardians (both Halfshav soldiers) and the family servants kindly mentored her not only in camp maintenance but also in survival skills and varied academia (as they all simultaneously worked). Halfshav soldiers generally respected her helpful initiative: fresh horses, good cooking, and so on definitely aided party morale before upcoming battles!

She absolutely loved this nomadic lifestyle and the wild Northlands with its diverse cultures and natural beauty. Rowenova eventually developed into an adolescent teenager, but she had no time for her feminine cycles. Thus, her maternal guardian wisely edified Rowenova about Limerance's Libertia which fortunately facilitated getting back to hard work without undue frustration. Over time, Rowenova finally transformed into a matured woman, and she was specially chosen (due to her ardent service to the Halfshav family) to be a new member in the Ranging Wolves (under Lord Arik Halfshav's command) for their scouting missions. Of course, she earnestly accepted this new adventure!