Rohran Keaton

Rohran Keaton
Social Rank 5
Fealty Valardin
House Keaton
Gender Male
Age 30
Religion Pantheon
Vocation General
Height 5'10"
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Blue Hazel
Skintone Tanned
Parents Ambrose Keaton, Anastasia Zaffria
Siblings Veronica Keaton, Jaerith Keaton
Uncles/Aunts Nadine Keaton, Donal Zaffria, Patrice Valardin, Saladin Zaffria, Norwood Clement, Cerese Zaffria, Wenda Zaffria, Glain Keaton, Rhea Acheron, Martin Zaffria, Eluisa Velenosa, Marco Zaffria, Salvatore Zaffria, Baelor Keaton, Margerie Clement, Casimir Acheron
Cousins Sylvie Rubino-Zaffria, Dafne Rubino-Zaffria, Magden Rubino-Zaffria, Mercedes Valardin, Kael Keaton, Shae Fortier, Zara Valardin, Cadenza Fidante, Silvio Velenosa, Adalyn Clement, Marisol Valardin, Kyler Keaton
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Standing a 'mere' 5 foot 10 inches, his build lean rather than bulky, Lord-General Rohran Keaton seems far bigger than he is, in pure physicality. His presence lends him a feel of towering height, a broader build, a weight resonates from his voice. His eyes defy a singular color description, spokes of blue are laced with green and gold, his brow heavy, his nose patrician. Broad cheekbones rest like blades, defining a face that in rest seems either mildly disapproving or at least deeply contemplative. His lips are thin, but expressive, his jaw broad, chin oft set with a stubbornness one might describe as 'mulish'. He is not without humor, it is simply deeply buried, made all the more precious when it is set free. His laughter is surprisingly infectious, a deep belly laugh that softens him and makes him more approachable.


Patience. Rohran Keaton is a paragon of patience, though only the brave usually have the audacity to make him wait for something. Rohran is a bit of a mystery, a layered man and one might not always know, outside of the training yard or battlefield, precisely which version of Rohran they are going to get. On the field he is all business, no-nonsense and gruff. War is work and his men know that on the field, Rohran's word is law. After hours, with an ale in hand, the Lord-General can laugh and carouse with the best of them. There are times when a hint of wistfulness can be seen, on the horizon of his mood, the poet peeking out at the edges, the Chivalric Knight with his pen and his prose and the wind billowing over the moors.


It takes a firm hand to turn small, independent groups into a cohesive and effective army. It is not unlike herding cats and convincing them that working together brings down prey faster and with less losses. Rohran Keaton is an excellent cat herder. Perhaps it grew from managing his siblings as a child, with Veronica and her intense drive and barely containable chaos and Jaerith throwing himself into every possible experience regardless of risk. Rohran assumed the role of co-parent as the eldest when their mother Anastasia died, Rohran being all of 11 years old, to Veronica's 7 and Jaerith's 5. Their father Ambrose poured himself into the running of their lands, his duties as General and let Rohran and the staff handle the younger children.

Rohran often sought his father's approval, something he feels, rightly or wrongly, he has yet to obtain. These feelings are something that are most often expressed in one of Rohran's four great loves in life: Poetry. Cleaving to the Chivalric ideals, Rohran fancies himself a poet of great skill, often composing sonnets and epics, though he's not above a limerick or two when out drinking with his men.

As for the other three loves, they are his role, of General, a title earned through years of dedicated, hard work and bestowed upon him five years ago when his father retired, boar hunting, and, lastly, his daughter, Elaine. The three year old's origin is not something he speaks of, and the looks he gives those who ask is withering at best. Still, he calls the child daughter, and none have yet had the wherewithal to challenge him. With his duties as Oakhaven's General being as busy (and dangerous) as they are, the little girl has been left to foster with Natalia Whisper with the full blessing of House Keaton.