Revell Acheron

Revell Acheron
Social Rank 8
Fealty Redrain
House Acheron
Gender Female
Age 22
Religion Shamanism
Vocation Herbalist
Height 5'7" (174cm)
Hair Color Dark Chocolate
Eye Color Dark Brown
Skintone Golden Brown
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Revell is a lithe woman, bordering on slightly underweight. She moves effortlessly through crowded rooms and uneven terrain, with steps so silent that one would be forgiven for thinking that her feet never actually touched the ground. It would be ideal if that was the case, because the woman appears to abhor footwear of any kind. Framing her face is an untamed mane of brown curls.

The most defining feature of her face is her full lips -- Whenever she smiles, they give way for her buck teeth and prominent dimples. The second most defining feature are the messy, clustered masses of freckles scattered across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. From a distance, it looks like she forgot to wash her face after a long day of work. Should someone get close enough to inspect her eyes, they would notice that young Revell has a smattering of blue in her otherwise brown eyes.


Revell is strangely obsessed with flowers. She has a flower related qoute for every situation and she will often communicate through the hidden meanings of flora. She is a free spirit who is slow to judge and will see the best in everyone, often to the detriment of her own well being. She has a very idealistic on life that borders on ignorant. More than once, she's been written off as dense and naive by others as a result.

And Revell is curious. She's the type that will make your business her business. She will prod and pry and ask questions until she is forcibly removed from the premises or the other party runs away. She speaks very little of herself, often opting to focus the spotlight on whatever company she is having. This is not to say she doesn't enjoy attention - because boy, she does - she simply doesn't go out of her way to seek it.

Still, there is something sharp and clever behind those wide eyes of hers.


Very little is known of Revell's past. She speaks very highly of the Northlands where she grew up. Her youth was one filled with love and affection -- raised by two fathers, one caring in a practical yet absent way and the other a man with an endless supply of cringe-y jokes to toss her way whenever she felt blue. Both extremely overprotective in their own way. In all respect, she never should have wanted for anything, but want she did.

The want was never for anything specific, she simply wanted more. Much like a squirrel collecting nuts to store for the winter, Revell had a general desire for a vague assortment of things to call her own. But, she also hungered for knowledge of all things, but especially knowledge pertaining to people. She was always an inquisitive and spoiled brat that never learned the meaning of the word 'no', which lead her to become an adult that is a little to forward in her desire to 'get to know' others.

This vague want for more in her life is what led her to Arx. A city filled with new, exciting experiences and a wide variety of people to befriend. And while she was there, she figured she'd make a bit of silver as well.

She mainly produces herbs for apothecaries to use in their concoctions, but she also does flower arrangements for high class parties as well as help people create the perfect bouquet for any type of situation.