Renata Masque

Renata Masque
Social Rank 7
Fealty Velenosa
Gender Female
Age 25
Religion Pantheon (Mangata)
Vocation Steward
Height 6'
Hair Color Vibrant Blonde
Eye Color Aquamarine
Skintone Pale
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The sandy blonde hair and crystal-blue eyes of Renata's point to some uncommon heritage, while her lean features make her look more dangerous than she should for a woman her age. She has high cheekbones, with a short, dimpled chin. Full, pouty lips that form a cupid's bow. Her face is better suited to smiling than scowling, and yet perfectly capable of doing either. Her body is long and lean, graced with feminine curves, though by no means exaggerated. She appears fit enough and her skin is pale.


Violence is revolting to Renata. It makes her blood boil, repulsing her. She cannot stand the sight of blood, she refuses to tolerate it on herself, and she certainly will not allow it to be visited on the innocent and meek. Although Piero Pravus was not her father by blood, she considered him so, and she learned from him a great deal about what you consider noble behavior. In her mind, rulers exist to make their people prosper, to protect them from true evil that lurks in the dark. Although she cannot remember her life before the wreckage, she is at peace with who she is now. Soft-spoken, loving and attentive, she is not like most people in the Lyceum, and even though the differences may feel insurmountable at times, all she needs is to remember at all times is that they took her out of the sea. They saved her life, and she will protect theirs.


Years ago the inhabitants of a small village in Setarco woke up to chunks of a broken vessel washing ashore. Despite the darkness the fishermen saw something moving, slowly, in the wreckage lit sporadically by the lightnining of the skies. There, among butchered bodies and debris, was a bloodied girl, barely clinging to life. As they would find out next morning, the entirety of the girl's memories had been left in the sea, and they would baptize her Renata.

Renata's adaptation was difficult due to the severe mental scars left by her experiences in the sea. At first she had seizures at the sight of blood, was unable to communicate verbally and had a gripping fear of the dark, but stranger still was her horror of the sea. Renata thought the touch of sea water to be caustic to her flesh, shrieking and losing grasp on herself whenever coming in contact with it. Deemed broken, still she was cared for, and in return she grew to love them back and worry for them. Every day she would watch, shivering, as their boats took to the sea for sustenance, and while she couldn't cook or fish, the young girl decided to help by growing food around her home.

Much to the surprise of all the villagers, Renata revealed, then, a talent for interacting with the natural world around her. Obsessed in freeing her beloved peers from the dangerous life atop the waves, she worked and worked until exhaustion. In less than two years, news would arrive in the neighboring areas that fate had sent Setarco a gift, one who had turned fishermen into farmers, and a fishing village into a prosperous, even if small, trading town.

Dozens flocked to the growing town, either to abandon life at the sea or to witness the workings of the 'Kind Maiden of Anvisa'. Her legend would grow to reach the then-duke of Pravus, Piero Pravus, known for his easy smiles and merciful behavior. The beloved ruler set aside time to visit the Maiden, and rumor has he was enchanted by Renata's purity and kindness. The duke would propose the woman a deal: join him at court where he would give her ample reach to spread her work to many and she would allow him to tutor her.

Seeing in Piero someone who shared her love for others, Renata accepted his proposal. She would leave to court to be raised alongside the other young ones at court, like Belladonna, Celeste, Elonso and Aurelia, and from them she would learn much about nobility and the rules of court, but it was Piero who gave her the most cherished gift of all: he gave Renata her voice back. The man would sit down with the young woman, even when she was testy or rebellious, and insist that she learn. He never gave up on Renata, something she will be forever grateful for.

As some of the children of Piero would take for different talents, Renata never stopped thinking about her people, or how to free them from the dreadful, treacherous sea. Named Piero's Minister of Agriculture, the Verdant Touch of Setarco, she would do much good for the people, even after his death. Although losing Piero was a hard blow to the woman who thought of him as a father, her loyalty to the man never wavered. She would take care of his people.