House Redreef/Reflection
Head(s) of House Ember Redreef
Voice(s) Mikani Redreef
Kingdom Mourning Isles
Liege Darkwater
Words "The Surface Deceives."
Sigil A scarlet merman wielding a yellow Trident on a deep blue field.
Nickname Reefs, Tridents

In the aftermath of the brutal carnage of a sea battle amidst the reefs, the barony was carved out and gifted to a newly ennobled retainer of then Count Darkwater. Already an old soldier at the time his barony was formed, he had a passel of children already with which to populate his fleet, and the new Redreef noble-shipmasters swarmed over the isles of the barony, Developing a reputation for bluff heartiness and an incisive stubbornness, the Redreefs were fierce and loyal men who spent more time on the sea than off it, with a fierce tradition of thralls and prizes taken on the water rather than for paltry monetary debts. Over the decades, they married well from elsewhere in the Isles, and grew their reputation for being warlike and feisty. When the last baron's daughter Ember Redreef showed herself a true leader by dint of blood and sweat, she and her sister and their loyal retainers began a force for progressiveness, allied with other strong young voices in the Darkwater and beyond. But always, House Redreef has been true to those fierce roots.

House of Redreef Genetic Style Guide

Redreef’s may be varied in heights. However, in coloring, the Redreef look comes forward.

  • Eye Color: Hazel (Dominate) or Blue
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown to Black
  • Skin Color: Variations on Tanned
  • Height:
    • Men – 5’4” to 6’2”
    • Women – 5’0” to 5’7”


Above the Barony of Redreef is the County of Darkwater. Above that is the Stormward March; then the Duchy of Grimhall and finally the Principality of Maelstrom.

Cultural Notes

Redreef is the most progressive of the attitudes from the Mourning Isle. Though it is small Redreef, situated in the southern reaches of the Mourning Isles, is ahead of its time. This is due to the large portion of the population that have started to turn their attention to the preaching by the Faithful of Skald.

Not only have the Faithful preached on the tragedy of Thralldom and even Serfdom to some extent; these sermons are starting to change the opinions of the common man and woman. It also spills over into the roles of men and women. Though men and women still gravitate toward gendered roles, there is a feel of egalitarianism between the free men and women.

Thralldom is still commonplace, but less brutal, with the harshest treatment and worst jobs (such as farming and mining labor) reserved for fresh captives and hardened criminals. More lenient cases can at times be hard to distinguish from the free, working in the city and harbor. Unlike their Darkwater cousins; the children of Thralls have only recently been released by edict of Prince Victus.

A local beverage drunk served as a delicacy is ‘Choa’ka’, a mixture of coffee, chocolate, sugar and rum. This is served by the wealthy to the poor on holy days, and is a staple of parties and hospitality. Other delicacies include molasses cookies, candied beets and of course rum.

Tattooing is an art form among Redreef, with artistic skill being highly prized. Unlike Abandoned tattoos or the blunt lack of sophistry in Thrax tattoos, Darkwater Isle (of where Redreef is located) tattoos are defined by elegant detail and fine needlework. Full color work is not rare, but it is still expensive and a mark of status to have a colored tattoo.


Day Of Lost Souls

This holy day is in honor of the Queen of Endings and the Mother of Beginnings. Paper Lanterns are crafted, with a candle placed underneath. The lanterns are released from the highest points of the Crimson Keep. This is done to remember those that died that year and those that have come before and made us who we are.

Festival Of Choices

In honor of Skald, the First Choice, the people of Redreef gather in a party of feasting and drinking for 12 days. Some wear masks and commit good deeds or questionable acts. The celebration is of life and the choices we get to make as we live it.

Redreef Shores

One of the baronies closer to the Darkwater, House Redreef derives its name from the Battle of the Crimson Reef, where tens of thousands of Abandoned perished on the reefs surrounding the small barony under the direction of an Abandoned Sealord that was attempting to raid the isles during the chaos of the Crownbreaker Wars. Hundreds of ships were lost, and the once little valued collection of small isles became the small barony as a strategic waterbreak against Abandoned raiders.


The Crimson Keep

The Crimson Keep

The Crimson Keep is a stronghold built on the shore. The exterior is the color of the red coral that is found in the bay off the coast of Redreef. Crimson Keep is situated over a tributary that runs from the island and into the bay. This allows ships for the Barony to dock under the shadow of the keep and be well guarded.

Hedge Maze of the First Choice

In 1007 AR, the Hedge Maze of the First Choice was built as part of the Pilgrimage Path. A meditative place, it is said one cannot get lost in it, as it only has one path in and out.

Military Doctrine

Unlike its northern cousins in the Mourning Isles, the Barony of Redreef's navy is built like that of Darkwater, for speed and not brute force. This is due to the not so distant history of piracy and shore-raiding instead of large scale fleet actions. Instead, the raids are decisive and tactical.

The trade-off is the lack of stoutness and the ability to engage in pitched battles, like their northern cousins. In a fleet setting they make excellent scouts and couriers and excel at harassing enemy forces before the main engagement.


Located on the southern edge of the Mourning Isles, Redreef is situated on the largest of southern Mourning Isles, Darkwater Isle. Also on the island is the County Seat for which the Island got its name. Thorough the center of the Island is a large granite up thrust with the highest peak being Monte Solitaire located on the western edge of the Island. To the south, close to Darkwater Watch is Black Mountain.

Redreef is located on the north-western side of the Island. Redreef Shores is surrounded by fertile crop land and dense forests. In the mountainous foot hills, there are mines for granite.

In the bay, just north of Redreef Shores, are dense reefs of coral; this is where Redreef Shores and the Barony gained its name. The ships that were lost at the Battle of the Crimson Reef have been incorporated into the reef’s ecosystem as a macabre monument to the battle.

Landscape And Climate

There are two major seasons, summer and winter.

Summers are longer than winters. They are hot and dry with temperatures ranging from 55 degrees F to 72 degrees F. In the winter, weather is cool and wet. Temperatures range from 30 degrees F to 65 degrees F. Snow is not found on the lower altitudes but will be in the mountains during the winter months. This weather pattern is due to the currents that move around the island. Annual rainfall is only 20” and most of the rainfall is in the winter months.

Most of the plants can deal with the drier weather. Smaller plants or scrub plants cover most of the land where the forests are dense with pine, cypress and some oak. Wild animals are small and accustomed to the weather.


Due to the weather patterns. Agriculture is mostly lumber and crop farms. Pig and Poultry are the animals bred though not in quantities that make them an export.

Farms, orchards and vineyards grow sugar beets, grapes, apples, wheat and lavender. These plants as well as the lumber industry are the major exports.

Industry and Economy

Major Exports: Molasses, Rum, Lumber, Wheat and Red Dye

Agriculture dominates the economy of Redreef. Large farms of sugar beets dominate the landscape around the coast. These sugar beets are turned into molasses and then either sold as molasses or turned to rum. The red beets also make a fine red dye that is used for clothing and paper dying.

Further inland there are thick forests of tall pine and cypress for ship building. Though behind Darkwater Watch, Redreef has implemented a replanting program to keep the trees growing tall and strong. Between the sugar beets and the trees are the fields of wheat. This allows for this cereal grain to be a major export.

Rum is the major export. Though there are vineyards that make wine that is more to be served to the locals than for wide distribution. This almost single minded dedication to the drink has created the finest rum in all Avrum.