Rawya none

Rawya none
Social Rank 8
Fealty Crownsworn
House None
Gender Female
Age 47
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Charlatan
Height 5'2"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Bronze
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The polite description of Rawya is that she has aged well over time. This isn't to say that she has found the fabled fountain of youth. Her bronze skin is broken up with a light calico of odd scars here and there. Her fingers, what is left of them, are calloused; she seems to be missing the tip of one of her ring fingers. Her oval face also betrays her age, as it carries the expected wrinkles around her eyes and lips when she smiles. Despite these hints of time, she is in remarkably good shape. She has healthy hair, nails, and still seems to have most of her teeth. There are a few white pearls missing from her grin, but she is always quick to point out that she made sure to take care of "the important ones."


A surprisingly spirited and animated woman. She has an uncanny ability to win the attention of strangers and keep it. Her charm lies in her seemingly unlimited supply of stories to tell, poems to share, or songs to play and sing. If she is low on banter, she fills the silent void with silly stunts ranging from odd parlor tricks to grand acrobatics. Her conversations tend to be light and jovial, and her humor tends to be a bit crude and brazen.


The trouble with understanding much about Rawya's past is not her reluctance to talk about it. She is never short of stories about her adventures, the people she has met, or places she has traveled. The problem of learning specifics of her past lies in her inability to tell the same story twice. Her stories have similar themes or details in common, but the self-proclaimed adventurer has a tendency to embellish her tales.

Rawya embodies the nomadic spirit of the Ravashari. She has spent most of her life on the road and the rest upon the sea. She has worn many hats through her travels, but much of her time on the road has been as a singer, actress, and performer. She knows a number of odd tricks like juggling and acrobatics. She has traveled with a number of artistic troupes and occasionally on her own, entertaining cities and townships, and panhandling for funds to continue to the next.

This wandering Ravashari claims to have traveled all across the Avrum, as far East as Eurus, and even claims to have set foot in the Wastes. It is hard to say how far she has actually traveled, but her vivid descriptions and snippets of knowledge make her stories very believable. If she has not been to all of these places, she might have met some who have.