Petal Penrose

Petal Penrose
Social Rank 8
Fealty Redrain
House Penrose
Gender Female
Age 19
Religion Shamanism
Vocation Tailor
Height 5'0
Hair Color Chestnut
Eye Color Light Brown
Skintone Pale
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Petal is a delicate woman who reaches to around to only around five foot and has a slender build. Soft sun kissed chestnut locks are often loose, reaching past her slight shoulders. She has pale skin often with a pink warmth to her cheeks. Light brown eyes are framed by golden-brown lashes.


Petal is often shy and softly spoken. Her personality sometimes blooms with time and she can be downright talkative to those she trusts and knows well. As a prodigal of Northern Shav origins, she isn't always the most trusting of nobles or even of crown sworn commoners. Petal loves the outdoors. She adores plants and animals. Petal also takes great love in sewing. She enjoys making things. Petal is very generous with those she cares about, but not always to the rest of the world. She tends have a soft spot for other prodigals or Shavs and will try to help them when she can. Petal has moments of playfulness that peek through her often somber demeanor.


Petal Penrose is the only daughter of Darius and Allana, shavs of a northern tribe who, after they bent the knee when Petal was a young girl, were granted the family name Penrose. Swearing oath to the House of Redrain, the pair settled in a village on the southern edges of Redrain territory. Petal took after her mother, and learned the crafts of sewing and the ways of shamanism, becoming a skilled mender of clothe and sometimes men. She believes in a strong link between the spiritual and the art of crafting. Growing up in that small village, she befriended the son of another pair of prodigals, Tallius, and the pair were as close as siblings growing up.

Unfortunately, war came to the village, in the form of the advance of the armies of Tolomar Brand. When the village was overrun, Darius and Allana stood with many of the other elders of the village, fighting fiercely to try and buy time. When her friend Tallius attempted to stay and fight, his father commanded him to go, and to see the others to safety. Knowing she would never see her parents again, she embraced them for the last time and joined those fleeing. The journey was arduous and long, and beset constantly by the attacks of the foul creatures of the invading horde, but eventually the refugees stole through and achieved the safety of Arx. Of the thirty who fled the village, only a handful remained, Petal and her childhood friend amongst them. Petal was quite sick on arrival and is still not fully well, but she is better than she was.

The scars of the battle, and of the long flight to the dubious safety of Arx, are etched deep into Petal.