Patronage Guide

`lore patronage` explains the concept of patronage in depth. In code terms, characters are able to have a certain number of protegees based on ___. `help patronage` shows you how many proteges you can have.

Patrons need to be of higher social rank than their proteges. The number varies. `lore patronage` provides the current rank differences:

For PC patrons of Social Rank 1-2, proteges must be at least 3 social ranks below them. For 3-5, they must be at least 2 social ranks below them. 6+ have no restriction of rank difference.

`help social_rank` explains what social ranks correspond to in society.

[Info] Peri: is there a page on how patronage works? and what code goes with being a patron or a protege?
[Info] Aleksei: lore patronage and help patronage
[Info] Orrin: Also work rolls have a place you can use patronage
[Info] Sorrel: The protege gets a percentage of resources, right?
[Info] Orrin: Yep.
[Info] Tatienne: But the short version is: Both sides get 10% of the other's non-grandeur prestige as grandeur, patron can elect to add the protege's social clout to their own for work rolls (protege gets some free bonus resources from that) and possibly use protege's skills if they're better.
[Info] Tatienne: Oh and if the protege is an artist the patron can get a shiny propriety modifier
[Info] Lou: If you are an artist, you can get your own pretty modifier too, let's not forget :) Respected Artist (for you) and Patron of the Arts (for the patron). You just need to hold some sort of IC show once to get the respected artist tag.

Alzy (talk) 17:02, 24 November 2019 (EST)