Nina Autumndale

Nina Autumndale
Social Rank 7
Fealty Pravus
House Autumndale
Gender Female
Age 23
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Courtier
Height 5'5"
Hair Color Amber Red
Eye Color Sky Blue
Skintone Fair
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A young woman possessed of a fae-like beauty. She has a diamond-shaped face, with a narrow nose and full lips over a sharp chin. Her sky-blue eyes are open and round, taking in the world around her with flickers of light. Her hair is the color of a sunset in summer, warm and red with highlights of spun gold, and rolls to her waist when it is not pinned out of her way. She is possessed of an hourglass figure, with a flare of hips and bust around a thin waist. However, her limbs are thin, long for her height, without much tone of muscle. She has nimble, clever fingers. Though she is striking visually, she is perhaps even moreso for her voice, which tends soprano when she speaks, clear as a bell, and has a high range and emotional resonance when she is singing.


Always curious and inquisitive, eager to meet new people. Nina is a woman of seemingly effortless charm and grace despite her common birth. She puts out an effervescent energy and has no problem taking center stage, not being one to hide her light. She has a way with both words and song, and can quickly turn a phrase into a rhyme or joke. If she dislikes you, her tongue may be sharper, but she usually hides this in a turn of phrase clever enough for it not to be outright noticed. However, she is not terribly quick to judge and can always find something interesting about another person.


A common-born woman, Nina was nonetheless possessed of a remarkable voice and gift for song. Discovered in her talents as she was singing for her supper on a warm summer night, she was brought into the fold of House Pravus and trained as a Courtier. Hobnobbing with nobility is still fresh and new to her, and she has much to sample of the delights of this world.