For the PRP The Devotee of Evil

House Bombello

Words: Rather by skill than by force

Sigil: A blackbird with a sprig of berries in its beak upon a tawny field

Nicknames: The Merry Blackbirds of the Lyceum, Blackbirds

Land Holdings: Etorno

Desc: House Bombello has long been a stalwart ally of House Mazetti. Formerly a county, they were elevated to a march in the year 1012 AR. The history of the two Houses goes back several hundred years, to Bombello’s founding. Such is the relationship between Bombello and Mazetti that the Blackbirds even followed the Hydra in terms of allegiance when House Mazetti dissolved its oaths of fealty to House Malvici in favor of House Fidante. Known as bon vivants and enthusiastic patrons of the arts, the Merry Blackbirds of the Lyceum often win over friends and enemies alike through charm and grace, rather than deception and cunning.

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