Maddox Deepwood

Maddox Deepwood
Social Rank 5
Fealty Grayson
House Deepwood
Gender Male
Age 24
Religion Faith Of The Pantheon
Vocation Scholar
Height 5'11"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Dark
Parents Gomer Deepwood
Siblings Braelynn Deepwood
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Maddox is tall and handsome, though not the sort of handsome that makes him stand out in a crowd. No, this is a quieter sort of look, that everyday handsome that means he sometimes goes unnoticed - until his animated comment about this or that lights up his features. Then he goes from everyday handsome to arresting, with deep brown eyes that never seem to miss anything going on around him, and hand gestures that emphasize his points one at a time. His mouth turns up at the corners as though he is always ready to smile, and he has a dimple on one cheek when he does.


Maddox is a thoughtful man who listens more than he speaks. But when he does have something to add to a conversation he is animated and interested, brown eyes lighting up and his hands gesturing wildly as though to emphasize whatever point he's making. He is a man who wants to think about things - but after he does, he generally has something intelligent to say about them too. Insightful and interested in a broad range of topics, he rarely finds himself without something interesting to talk about no matter the company.


Maddox grew up well outside of Arx, in a fairly happy family. One of several siblings, including Braelynn, he often found himself shunted to the side. He wasn't a troublemaker, so those siblings who were often got more attention than he did. It taught him to listen, and to learn. It never did manage to teach him to act out to get that attention he so craved.

And so with a fairly idyllic childhood behind him, he thought things would always be like that. He would grow up, find a woman to marry, marry her and have a few kids and raise his own children to see and take notice and to enjoy the world around him. But then his sister upended what was a calm, placid life by announcing that she was going to head to Arx for some adventure.

Adventure? More like trouble with a capital T, to Maddox's mind. And so he followed his sister to Arx, having every intention of keeping a careful eye on her and making sure she didn't get into too much trouble.

It hasn't quite worked out like that though...