Lucilia Ulbran

Lucilia Ulbran
Social Rank 9
Fealty Crownsworn
House Ulbran
Gender Female
Age 23
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Merchant
Height 5'4
Hair Color White-blonde
Eye Color Light Blue
Skintone Pale And Fair
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Often holding a high posture with hands resting behind her back, Lucilia keeps her head raised high, a sort of sardonic smile found on her lips most of the time. Her face is usually blank besides the previously mentioned smile, offering little to no emotional expression to those around her. Her hair would reach her shoulders if not held up in a ponytail. Additionally, her lithe figure shows graceful and calculated movements whenever in motion; from her feet to her fingertips, every movement seems deliberate.


At first glance, Lucilia is a reserved and graceful individual, with every movement and word holding a calculatory feeling about them. A closer look reveals this to not be the case, all the time, as she is capable of being a very laid-back and open individual, in the correct circumstances. Though the latter is a possibility, it is often the former that takes hold, giving many of her interactions a feeling of coldness or impersonality.


Lucilia was brought up in a merchant family in Lenosia, taught and groomed for the world of mercantile. Her parents were a strict kind, and she was to be married off when she came of age-- something she wasn't particularly fond of. She found it quite easy to steal enough gold coins from her parents to buy passage to a new city. Landing in Arx, she'd find herself with little to do and much to prove, particularly to herself. She found that her aptitude for social intrigue and economic know-how helped her very little as a homeless runaway, and she took to begging on the streets. That is, until she was found.

House Ulbran took her under it's wing, and in time, she'd find herself able to feed and clothe herself the hard way. As time bore on, she still strove for elegance and grace in her outwards visage, despite her upbringing under the notorious commoner house. She began doing honest work as either an economic aide, a finder of things, or a purchase agent to preserve anonymity.