Kurzio Nurel

Kurzio Nurel
Social Rank 8
Fealty Crownsworn
House Nurel
Gender Male
Age 18
Religion Agnostic
Vocation Sellsword
Height 6'3"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Silver Gray
Skintone Pale
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Kurzio is rather tall, sporting long black hair that has no true sense of style, it is messy and curls wildly all around, stopping at his shoulders, and has a long fringe that hangs over the left of his face. He has a rather slender body and pale skin. His eyes are a deep silver gray, watching all things in view like a hunter studying animal migrations. His face is clean, paired with a small nose and simple lips.


He's rather paranoid, curious, and self-guarded about himself. He strives to be something known and yet tip-toes around it most of the time. His main concern is for himself, willing to help those in need at times when he can spare the energy. He doesn't rely on tactics but instead adapability, focusing on both the foreground and background in all situations presented, and when he's able, thinks deeply about what is most important in front of him.


Kurzio grew up being trained in the art of hunting, taught by his father. Kurzio only joined the house of Nurel later in his early teens, being assigned to the small hunting party of the house. Kurzio was trained by the members of the group, who each desired to leave the reaches of this land and move onwards to greater things. Kurzio only ever was able to remember one of the men at the time, named "Jornif". He was a rather elderly man who had been part of the house for a majority of his life. Kurzio learned alot of what he currently knows from Jornif, and grew to become a smarter, more aware person. Overtime however, troubles grew, the lands being attacked by rogue groups of raiders that the house sent out soldiers to fend off. The raiders moved like living arrows, moving to the next village far before the soldiers happened to get there. In the meantime, Kurzio had been given a single order from Jornif, "Live and grow." Kurzio at the time wondered what it meant, he himself not knowing of the raiders and their presence. Jornif taught Kurzio everything he knew, then told him to venture off to the King. Kurzio still doesn't know what happened to house Nurel and Jornif. Kurzio adapted quickly to the new life he lives as a Crownsworn, keeping his order in mind and pushing forwards.