Korka Glynn

Korka Glynn
Social Rank 8
Fealty Crownsworn
House Glynn
Gender Female
Age 27
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Commoner
Height 5'6
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Skintone Tan
Parents Liam Glynn
Siblings Adriel Glynn
Uncles/Aunts Marie Glynn
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Dark waves of ebony hair fall to the midst of her back, its shade so deep a black it carries that blue midnight gloss. The features of her heart-shaped face are well-matched to her slight, lithe athleticism. Her skin is warmed by the sun to a tanned golden, and her eyes are lively, in shade a bright, springy green. The soft bow of her lips is full and lush, with a hint of resting pout that her smile winks away in a flash of white teeth and ready humor. Stillness is rare for Korka, for her energy is a live wire of confidence, undiminished even when forced by circumstance to constraint.


Bright spontaneity and intuitive wit lurk behind the shield of a default reserve that she loosens at will. Restless and inclined to act rather than plan, Korka finds that the seat of the pants approach lends her adrenaline that heightens her native resourcefulness, which is already one of her strongest assets. Charm and humor are easily linked for her, and ready tools that she can bring to bear in most social situations, but rarely does surprise get the better of her and leave her unguarded.


The Glynn family have long proven to be the Telmars’ most loyal servants. Korka’s father and aunt, Liam and Marie, were orphans that found patronage under Laegan Telmar. In turn, they prospered in finding their niche in the Telmarch; and Korka was reared soaked in loyalty and respect for her patrons, nurtured upon it. She and her twin brother were close, running loose and wild and devouring knowledge with a thirst that seemed bone deep to each of them. Though they grew differently, they also grew together, and grew to be great friends.

Still, despite her native loyalty and firm desire to be of aid to Telmar goals, she was too curious and lively a child to be an unchallenging one. Always one to question and let her curiosity get the best of her, she frequently found herself deep in trouble. Her wits were sharpened on the teeth of, well, frequently having to explain herself. With adulthood came temperance — or maybe just an appropriate outlet. Korka was trained as a scout and information collector, using her charm and sharp wit to gather intelligence on what was happening around the Marches. She joined the Telmars in Arx as one among several loyal retainers and has been their agent in the city for some time now.