Khari Ru'Taul

Khari Ru'Taul
Social Rank 7
Fealty Pravus
House Ru'Taul
Gender Female
Age 31
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Steward
Height 5'3"
Hair Color Sun Kissed Brown
Eye Color Honey Brown
Skintone Lightly Tanned
Parents Rialta Ru-Taul, Aegean Ru-Taul
Siblings Mikani Crovane
Uncles/Aunts Raspiro Ru-taul
Cousins Caspian Ru'Taul, Bashira Ru-Taul
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Khari is a demure little figure. Thin and rather short compared to her sister. Her slightly sun bleached brown hair is long, but is often tied up to make work easier. Everything about her attire seems to be geared towards a quite conservative nature, and be about practicality. Her face, most often, a blank mask, seemingly devoid of emotion. Only her light brown eyes betraying what emotions lie behind that mask. Despite being rather plain, she does seem to take a good bit of time to keep herself looking as good as she can.


Khari is a quite woman. And rather cold and calculated too. She appears to lack any real sense of humor, and tends to bury herself in work. The lack of emotion on her face easily translates to her tone when speaking to people. Although she is quite dedicated to the Seraceni, she rarely shares anything about her work, and often less about her own self.


Born a thrall under house Redreef, the salt twin of Mikani, Khari was given to one of the distant nobles of the house after her parents were killed. She worked all manner of jobs in the house, learning many good lessons for one who works in service to others. Most importantly she learned to keep quiet and not give anyone anything they could use against her. At the age of 21 she was smuggled out Redreef Shores and taken to the Saffron Chain. Eventually she found her way to Ischia, and found employment in the house of the Marquis, where she has served loyally since. Now she has come to Arx to help the family get everything in order.