Katarina Valardin

Katarina Valardin
Social Rank 3
Fealty Valardin
House Valardin
Gender Female
Age 20
Religion Pantheon/The Sentinel
Vocation Philantrophic Seafarer
Height 5'1
Hair Color Sable
Eye Color Golden
Skintone Dusky
Parents Radley Valardin, Eleni Valardin, Tala'il'Ramir Valardin, Mahkum'il'Ramir Valardin
Siblings Edain Valardin, Alis Valardin, Vance Valardin, Tabitha Valardin, Valen Valardin
Uncles/Aunts Patrice Valardin, Saladin Zaffria, Alareon Valardin, Kenjay Redrain, Dayne Valardin, Selennia Valardin, Bernh Valardin, Naddir'il'Ramir Valardin
Cousins Beaumont Valardin, Isabeau Telmar, Aurelian Valardin, Sophie Valardin, Malorie Valardin, Tristram Valardin, Umay Valardin, Mercedes Valardin, Zara Valardin, Marisol Valardin
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Hers is a most startling, extrinsic beauty to behold; sleek lines and dusky skin, silken in its youth, are the canvas of which features so delicately refined are formed. Expressive brows give way to the slant of almondine eyes hued a shade reminiscent of molten gold in which it is so very easy to lose oneself in; at least, until long, sooted lashes lower demurely. The gentle round of cheeks curves down toward the natural pout of lush, bow-shaped lips, while rich golden brown curls spill free in their riotous cascade. Possessed of an endearing smile invoked at nearly all of life's simplest of pleasures, one would be hard-pressed to catch her in anything but good spirits. In regards to her shape, she is naught but a spritely thing of lithe muscle softened by feminine curves, while an intricate array of vibrantly hued ink painted upon her skin is an ever-changing artwork when bared.


One would think a foreign princess so far removed from her home would be inclined to sulk and pout about her current lot in life, but that most certainly isn't so with Katarina. Quick to smile and slow to anger, she is one to disregard her own travesties and misfortunes to embrace positivity in all its forms around her; be it the delight of yet another small discovery in her time immersed in a culture so very different from her own or cresting the tumultous waves of the high seas on another explorative expedition, there is very little that can incite her ire. That being said, if there is one thing she cannot stand, it is one who shamelessly inflicts wrong-doing and injustice upon those undeserving.


The daughter of the last true and current Suj'Abbati ruler, Katarina was born amidst the turmoil and upheaval of an entire kingdom still reeling from the aftermath of a failed attempt to usurp the throne that left many of her kin slain, and many more taken by the Magisters of the Mirror in the months to come for retribution of their crimes against the throne. Hers was thusly a childhood spent confined behind gilded walls of the palace, where her days were seldom spent beyond the watchful eye of the few entrusted with her care.