Jules Fabron

Jules Fabron
Social Rank 7
Fealty Crownsworn
House Fabron
Gender Male
Age 24
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Courtier
Height 5'9
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Auburn
Skintone Sand
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A thinner man, not just in weight but also width, with softer features across his face and a flowing and graceful movement. His hair has a shimmer that easily catches the light and often is drawn back into a ponytail that comes down just below his shoulders. His nose is hawklike and looks as though it may have been broken before. His teeth seem unnaturally white and he's happy to show them. His hands have a softness to them that would indicate this man has not seen much physical labor.


Jules is first an outgoing personality, the type to help draw the introvert out of their shell. He shows an interest in nearly anything other people want to talk about, especially the finer things in life. What he does not enjoy is work, physical labor is more than a bore it is the bane of his existence. He'll be glad to encourage others in their work and even speak of the honor due it, so long as he need not participate. He knows how to make himself scarce or present, depending on the need. He's probably a bit too free with his compliments but there is a sincerity to them.


Jules was born into a blacksmith family, the fifth of too many. His father did most of the unrefined work while his mother put on the details to it. Early on they thought Jules would probably be more inclined to follow in his mother's side of the work but it was not to be. Jules found himself on the outside of the family trait but his parents were not to have a beggar son and they sent him on to receive an education. He learned well enough but scholarship and numbers were far too much like work to be to his liking.

He picked up what he needed to in order to be able to move on the fringe of society and was able to find an odd job for some lord or lady, usually delivering some trivial message to another noble. While delivering a message to a vassel of a lord, he caught a glimpse of their life. He has made it his goal to participate in that life and what better way than as some assistant to a noble family. He's headed now to Arx to find the job of his dreams, one that requires minimal effort and maximum pleasure.