Jessa Deepwood

Jessa Deepwood
Social Rank 5
Fealty Grayson
House Deepwood
Gender Female
Age 30
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Soldier
Height 5'10"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Tanned
Parents Amina Deepwood
Siblings Emily Deepwood, Joxur Deepwood
Uncles/Aunts Tasha Deepwood
Cousins Zoriah Deepwood
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Jessa is a tall woman, and one writ large in both body and spirit. She's clearly one who is used to wearing armor and wielding a weapon, for she's built up a good thick layer of muscle beneath her tanned skin. Jet-black hair is cut short, all the better to fit beneath a helmet, and her brown eyes often sparkle with amusement. And everything she does is expansive; when she laughs, it's loud and joyous. When she gestures, she gestures expansively. In general, she's the sort of woman who's hard to ignore, whether or not she'd prefer to be.


Jessa is intense, in everything she does. When she gives her loyalty, she gives it completely. When she loves, she loves with every fiber of her being. When she fights, she fights with all her heart. When she laughs, she laughs with her whole body. And when her temper is roused, it's like a raging storm until it blows past. She's generally easygoing with those she doesn't know, however; she views nearly every stranger as a potential new friend or sparring partner, until they prove themselves otherwise.


Jessa's maternal grandfather was a Deepwood, a first cousin to the main Deepwood line who married into the minor Grayridge family. Jessa was one of no less than fifteen children in her generation of the Grayridge family, and with no responsibility -- and indeed, no hope of responsibility -- she focused herself on pursuing a dream of knighthood. Many a hapless log around the Grayridge lands felt the bite of her first sword when she was little more than a child; she grew to be a strong swordswoman.

Jessa is the elder -- by far -- of the two sisters: she was seven when her sister Emily was born. And the two sisters could not seem more dissimilar: where Emily is lithe and agile, Jessa has the thicker, more curvy form of a woman built for strength rather than speed. Where her sister has a boundless curiosity about the world, Jessa has a desire to simply protect those around her, family and House most of all. Some have joked she always knows precisely how far from her her sword is.

Indeed, she once dreamed of joining the King's Own -- but instead, she met Grady and discovered a new dream: a family of her own. And when her sister Emily decided to set out to rejoin their ancestral house -- the Deepwoods -- Jessa followed, along with Grady. Deepwood presented opportunities for advancement, for making her name in Arx, for her family... and as always, to try to keep her sister Emily out of trouble.