Icelyn Acheron

Icelyn Acheron
Social Rank 5
Fealty Redrain
House Acheron
Gender Female
Age 26
Religion Pantheon; Gild
Vocation Scout
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Raven
Eye Color Dark
Skintone Earthy Brown
Parents Glacielle Cliffmore, Norne Threerivers
Uncles/Aunts Repullia Cliffmore
Cousins Radhilde Tyde, Vergille Cliffmore, Jelyssia Cliffmore, Repullia Cliffmore II, Umbroise Acheron
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Dark gaze slowly drawn towards the upper corners of her eyes as she speaks, Icelyn keeps just shy of making direct eye contact in most social situations. It isn't rare, however, to catch her staring at a face while the other person is looking away! The contradictory formidability and reserved mousiness with which she carries herself are often at odds, presenting themselves at unlikely intervals. Light of foot and slender of build with a rich coffee-colored complexion, it isn't hard to imagine her roaming on ahead as the spritely lookout for a larger military party.


Icelyn remains deeply conflicted about having set aside her Godsworn oaths. Her sense of identity remains deeply rooted in her devotion to the Faith, so much so that she scarcely knows herself without it! Time spent first as a guardian of the roads and later as a Shav'arvani captive has left her with a deficiency where personal pride is concerned. In fact, Icelyn's predisposition towards service and humility is quite unbecoming for her renewed station. Along with an almost willful ignorance of the nuances of political life, this contributes to her transition back into the Peerage being an uncomfortable one. For everyone.


The product of a political match between lesser Northern houses beneath House Nightgold's chain of fealty, Icelyn was a member of the Peerage prior to taking her vows. She dove headfirst into service to the Faith in her youth following a particularly bad row with her aunt and liege, whom she regarded as cruel.

Predominantly recognized now for her role as Dame Icelyn Cliffmore, Godsworn sister-at-arms of the Knights of Solace, Icelyn served as a scout for the Faith militant up until her disappearance briefly predating the Silent War. She'd been escorting a group of refugees through a mountain pass when her group was overwhelmed by Abandoned. In order to buy time enough for the others to escape, Icelyn courageously remained behind to fend their aggressors off.

Presumed dead, the Compact would not hear from her again until many years later. She was taken captive and brought back to a Shav'arvani stronghold. There, she lived as a prisoner and forced manual laborer until, during an attack by an enemy tribe, she managed to escape back into the mountains.

Heartsick, half-starved, and weary, Icelyn returned only to learn of her kin's decimation, seemingly countless threats to her homeland, and fears abound among Godsworn of Northern heresies. Eager to prop up and empower Faithful nobility and rightfully concerned with the fate of a very nearly lost noble line, Faith leadership encouraged a deeply hesitant Icelyn to be released from her vows. Bending the knee to the new Marquessa, she sought to convalesce in the bosom of House Acheron with the sparse remnants of the family she left behind long ago.