Graziella Pravus

Graziella Pravus
Social Rank 3
Fealty Pravus
House Pravus
Gender Female
Age 20
Religion Mirrormask
Vocation Noble
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Ashen Blonde
Eye Color Baby Blue
Skintone Pale
Parents Tiberio Pravus
Siblings Lucrezia Pravus, Lycoris Hawkmour, Gabriella Pravus
Uncles/Aunts Adela Pravus, Emiliano Pravus
Cousins Marena Inverno, Moros Inverno, Dimitri Velenosa
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Sinuous and sardonic, Graziella's frame is as graceful as her name suggests, with a poise and economy of movement that often makes her seem almost to float: especially when coupled with her waist-length blonde hair, and the gauzy dark gowns she favors. Her beauty is the sort that draws the eye even in her subtle movements, which although not design to grab attention, hide underlying hunger that stops others dead in their tracks. Graziella is a woman in full maturity, full of potential, her clear blue eyes looking on the world with a sort of sharp scrutiny, a burning want and a penetrating distaste for the ordinary.

{w({nDark woad powder adorns her eyelids and a distinct pale violet stains her lips, imparting upon her a ghoulish veneer that compliments her pallor flesh with macabre perfection.{w){n


Graziella can be pleasant company to those around her, but there is always a certain fakeness to her niceties. It is rare for someone to grab her full attention, and those people are often intense, passionate and have something to say. Life is short and there is an unsatiable craving within Graziella to live it in non-ordinary fashion, even if it might make it shorter. She will always bring a book to the Assembly of Peers and in general parties in Arx are not to her liking. At her best Graziella enjoys a little bit of chaos and bite to things, at her worst she is self-destructive in her pursuit of something that makes her feel alive.

Her family is a particular subject. She loves House Pravus deeply, and their larger than life style suits her perfectly. She inserts herself in their lives like she needs to consume her relatives, learning about them as she does to anyone whom she finds interesting, but in the end Graziella is a poor servant: she often needs their succor more than she provides herself. For some reason the woman cannot help but want to fill a void, and although she can control herself, the wyrm within her cannot be held back forever.


Graziella was born in the most extensive branch of the Pravus family, being the youngest daughter of Tiberio and Aurora Pravus. With years separating her from her other siblings, Grazi's interests laid elsewhere than battle and adventure: hers was a desire for intellectual pursuit, and her acute curiosity was always her defining trait, something that made Grazi Lady Aurora's unofficial favorite child. She was sweet and comely, always smiling, but the twinkle in her eyes was her mother's pride.

The Argento matriarch taught Graziella courtly grace and political shrewdness, raising Graziella to be the closest thing to Aurora herself, the power behind any throne and the secret protector of her ever more reckless siblings in Gabriella and Lucrezia. While Graziella learned she always did so out of respect for her mother and a sense of duty to her family, her love for Gabriella and Lucrezia trumping her desire to control anything behind the scenes. Truth be told, the girl just adored to spend her days thinking of fabulous stories and dreaming of times when things such as demons, dragons, powerful queens and elven lords were possible.

Unfortunately, when House Argento and its agents struck, the whimsical Pravus was ill-prepared to protect herself, and in the same night her father Tiberio and her uncle, Duke Piero, were murdered, Graziella vanished without a trace. For years, she remained at large, most assuming she was yet another casuality of that coup until, recently, she returned to her family. No scars, no stories, but different, somehow.

Her return was unheralded but it was greatly celebrated in Setarco, but in Graziella's eyes there was too much amiss. Her mother was lost in the heart of Setarco, her sister Gabriella juggled responsibilities in Arx and the command of the Swords of the Evening and Lucrezia was half-mad and leading the Black Fleet of Pravus. The world she knew was dead, and in its place there was a broken mirror that Graziella would have to relearn in the following years. Without any fuss the young woman positioned herself by her sisters' side, the less questions asked about her the better, as she reintegrates with a family that thought they had lost her and rediscovers her place among them.