Gianna Corvo/Reflection

Bard's College

Thematic Writeup:

Words: Life is a Song
Sigil: A treble clef
History: The Bard's College was founded by Whisper Gianna in 1008 AR as an informal organization dedicated to the improvement of musicians and singers by providing a place to gather, socialize, and trade songs.


While there is an organization dedicated to the theatre and one geared toward crafters, neither are devoted or dedicated to the socialization and training of singers and musicians. A Bard's College would bring a dose of culture to the city of Arx. The college would not be secret organization and there would be NPC members – people to keep the grounds and clean, for one thing, but also singers, musicians, students, and probably instructors. This is still primarily a social organization.


Social: Wits/Propaganda – Think quickly, sharply, and incisively to spin a situation to your benefit.
Economic: Charm/Performance – Primary revenue for bards is use of their talents to perform and be paid.
Military: Perception/Empathy

Org modifiers:

Social 3
Economic 2
Military 0